11 Method to make money with Bitcoin

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Many people love bitcoin and currency  in order to make money fast. That’s why today’s episode specializes in making money with Bitcoin.Bitcoin is like a real currency

For some strange reason, people tend to think that because Bitcoin is a new form of currency, there are magic ways to make you earn bitcoins. . Just as there is no easy and safe way to make money fast, there is no magic way to earn bitcoin.Although crypto-currencies generally offer new revenue-generating opportunities, the basics are the same: you need to invest time or money to make money.

Each method I’m going to talk about today will be evaluated based on the following factors:

How much effort is needed to use this method?

How much can this method earn?

Finally, what is the risk of this approach?

All the methods I want to talk about are the ones we tested on Coinworldstory, so you can be sure we’re talking about experience. Let’s start … </ p>

1.Micro-income – faucet, PTC, micro work

One of the cheapest, simplest, and longest ways to make money is micro-income. This means that you will perform mostly small tasks and earn some of the coins in the time you spend.

Some of the best-known micro-revenue sites are the bitcoin faucets – you visit these sites several times every few minutes to get a small amount of bitcoin. The tap is actually a subcategory of the PTC website, and PTC stands for “pay-per-click”. PTC websites usually allow you to click on ads or buttons on your website to earn money through advertising sales. In return, what small amount of parts?

Well, according to our calculations, if you continue to click on the button, your average salary will be between 5 and 40 cents an hour. You do not know if it’s worth your time, even to run the electricity of your computer?

Micro-income requires a lot of effort and the return is low, but it is usually a very safe value.

2.One of their own faucets

When you are involved in a faucet user, you can not make a lot of money, having your own faucet is a completely different thing. Today, you can create a password relatively easily and make money by selling ads on your site.

At Coinworldstory, we have been operating our own faucet for almost 3 years. Depending on the advertiser you use and the traffic you have, you can earn $ 2,000 per month in one click.

However, running a faucet requires reasonable time and effort. You need to create your own website, manage users, prevent fraud and start with seed funding to finance the tap. Faucet performance requires moderate to high effort, low to medium efficiency and moderate risk.

3. Sign activities in Bitcoin talk

In mid-2014, the Bitcoin forum, one of the main Bitcoin forums, launched a flagship event. In simple terms, you can use your BitcoinTalk signature to advertise a product and pay for each item you write. A complete list of events can be seen on the forum.

There is a signature event that you can pay based on your level of membership on BitcoinTalk. Often, anyone below “official membership” will not receive as much compensation, if at all. To become a full member, you need at least 120 positions. There are also restrictions on posts;

Sometimes there are minimum job requirements per week. Based on our experience, you can earn $ 5 per hour, depending on how much you write and your level of membership. Of course, this does not include the number of positions required to get the required level of membership on BitcoinTalk.In summary, executing a signature campaign requires moderate effort, low returns and low risk.

4. Become an encrypted merchant

One of the fastest, easiest and riskiest ways to make money with Bitcoin is to trade on the market. Basically, you buy when bitcoin is low and then sell when the price goes up.

However, successful trading is not luck or speculation. Profitable flower shopkeeper

Learn a lot of time on how to negotiate and overcome many risks in trading. Successful traders know they risk losing money in the short term, but they see this as an investment in their education because their goal is long term.

What I mean is that trade is not as easy as it seems. If you want to be a trader, make sure you have the time and money to invest in a good business education. If you want to know more about trading, our reference section has a link to another video that will provide you with basic information.

What I mean is that to be a successful trader, you need a medium to high level of effort (depending on where you are in training), high returns and high risk.

5. Promote Bitcoin subordinate programs

One of the most overlooked ways to make money with Bitcoin goes through various affiliate programs. Subsidiaries are those who promote a business for free, but if they manage to introduce a paying customer, they will receive a commission.

Many Bitcoin transactions, products and services have an affiliate program that you can register. Then you get your own unique affiliate links to promote the product or service.

Of course, there are many ways to promote your affiliate links – you can share it on Facebook, advertise on different websites, even create your own information site, promote your links in the content

Promoting Bitcoin’s subordinate projects takes a lot of effort and can generate a medium to high return, but it does not pose a big risk.

6. Play Bitcoin Casino

One obvious way to increase the wealth of passwords is to play with one of the many Bitcoin casinos. Of course, there are not many details on this method, but if you decide to take your money and try your luck, make sure the casino you use is right.

A confided Bitcoin casino realizes that their favorable position is gainful and consequently needs to demonstrate to the player that he isn’t controlling any outcomes.. They do this through a mathematical algorithm involving cryptography. The bottom line is that a fair casino will show you how to check the results of the game you play is completely random. You can find a list of Bitcoin casinos that are fair in the Resources section below.

The game is almost effortless and can achieve high returns, but the risk is huge.

7. Write on Bitcoin / Codon.

If you are interested in content and are very good in terms of words, you might consider becoming a reporter or article writer. With the development of the cryptography industry, more and more news and information websites have emerged. In many cases, these sites are in urgent need of writers because they publish dozens of articles a week.

Because it is difficult to find a good writer, if you can submit high quality works, you can comfortably write Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in your own home, and get a good income. The best way to find a writer’s job is to find the “work” column in your favorite encrypted publication. You can also email the website you want to write, or you can create an author profile on Upwork (an independent international market).

I can assure you that the demand for good writers is very urgent. If you have some sample articles before applying for a writing job, this is the best.

Creating a revenue stream by writing an article on Bitcoin requires a medium effort and an average return with little risk.

8. Products or services related to sales

If you are not good at words, you may be able to provide different services. The BitcoinTalk service thread.These include developing websites, marketing products online and even becoming third-party agents for Bitcoin transactions.

9.My bitcoin / encryption

Many people who started with bitcoin were immediately drawn to the concept of bitcoin extraction. I mean, use your computer at home to create a magic online currency? What better?

Well, in fact, bitcoin mining is now more than a hobby, but a profession. It requires very expensive equipment, high energy costs, knowledge of hardware configuration and physical space to store your miners.  That said, bitcoin extraction is cheaper than bitcoin extraction. But that only means that the material will be cheaper. The problems in terms of energy cost, configuration and maintenance are basically the same.

Sometimes you’ll come across a website or mobile app that tells you they’re going to dig coins for you. Most of these services are almost useless, they usually consume the computing power and the battery of your device, just to bring you a few cents. While this sounds ideal, most of today’s cloud mining sites claim to use your money for mining operations, in fact they are scams. In addition, although there are legitimate Bitcoin websites, the money you pay for their bitcoin may be better just to buy Bitcoin, of course, we always encourage you to do your own market research because in the end In summary of your money, the actual mining requires a lot of effort and produces medium to high yields, which is a high risk venture.

10. Give your bitcoin to Loan

The Common way to grow your bitcoin with the Bitcoin Loan Platform. These locales will connect borrowers with scrambled borrowers with the coins they loan to get financing costs. Because the risks of these loans are extremely high and the interest rates are high, it seems like a good thing at first, I mean that my coins can earn 15% per year.

All right, because there is no real guarantee for the borrower to take more responsibility for the loan, and these loans are more likely to default, and the lender has no money. We have tested some CWS loans here, and they all default. That’s why I recommend staying away from this particular method. Borrowing your bitcoin takes almost no effort and can generate high returns, but the risk is too high

11. Bitcoin plant for you through HYIPs and coin duplexers

Another approach that I suggest you avoid is a high-performance coin duality and investment program, also known as HYIP. These sites claim that your coins will double every few days, or give you unreal interest rates. What these sites do is really load new users and use that money to pay back old users. This process has caused a lot of sensation on the website, it seems legal and solvent, other than that, they almost always have some kind of recommendation plan so that users can bring their friends on the boat. That’s the way the Ponzi scheme works. This will take about 3-4 months until one day the site goes offline and the money disappears. There will be no more payments, and many people will be angry because they are being cheated.

Over the past three years, we have looked at several investment websites in bitcoins, but we have not found a safe investment website.

The things that any website promises you are incredibly good, and can be the illusion that crooks want to steal your coins. How do you know that a website is your own scam?

We will end this week and, as you can see, we have put a number of ways in place to make money in bitcoin . Finally, each method has its advantages and disadvantages, some are more dangerous, while others require more effort.

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