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1broker.io Cryptocurrency Exchange Review : Real-World Markets

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About 1broker.io

1Broker.io is a platform that allows Bitcoin users to participate in real-world markets directly with their Bitcoins. There are no conversions to fiat currencies like U.S. Dollars necessary. They currently offer trading on over 40 selected commodity, stock, index and forex markets.

1Broker is far more different than your normal Bitcoin exchange websites out there today. Have you ever wondered if you can trade Forex, Commodities, and Stocks using your Bitcoin? Yes, you can!

1Broker.io all know how volatile the Bitcoin exchange rate is due to manipulations and everything involved. In trade against global markets, your profit or loss is purely unaffected by the Bitcoin value.

Operating company

Exchange name 1Broker.io
Support 24/7
Deposit No Minimum Deposit
Futures trading Present
Trader Fee 2%
Withdraw fee 0.00002192 BTC
Official site https://1broker.io

How To  Start With 1Broker.io

To start trading with 1Broker.io ,Indian residents first have to sign up for an account by following the steps below.

Step 1. Click on the “Login/Signup” link on the top right hand corner of the 1Broker.io  website.

Step 2. In the form, fill in your first name, last name, mobile number, email ID and password.

Step 3. If you have a referral code, enter the code while creating your account.

Step 4. Submit the form and wait for an activation email to be sent to you.

Step 5. Click on the “confirm email” link in the activation email.

Step 6. After your account is activated, you’ll be sent a 6 digit one time password (OTP), which you have to enter after logging into your 1Broker.io account.


Bitcoin is a P2P (Peer to peer) digital currency which was released as open-source software in 2009. It enables users to send and receive payments without the need for a middleman, or central authority. The price of a Bitcoin is based on demand and supply.

Low Fees

With minimalist, efficient and lean business structure, 1Broker.io goal is to offer the best possible conditions. They do not work with banks or payment providers to handle traders’ deposits and withdrawals. Instead, theyonly use decentralized cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin. While other brokerage firms have to spend money on chargebacks, contract management, lawyers and bank fees, they have a market advantage, which is reflected through our low fees


There are no hidden fees whatsoever; everything they charge is listed on this page.

Account creation 0.00 BTC
Realtime market feeds 0.00 BTC
Order placement1 0.00 BTC
Bitcoin Deposit 0.00 BTC
Bitcoin Withdrawal 0.00002192 BTC
Trading fees none
Copy Trader fees2 2%
Inactivity fees none
Overnight Financing see Overnight Financing
Two-factor Authentication3 0.00 BTC

1 Includes all order types: Market, Limit, Stop Entry, (Trailing) Stop Loss and Take Profit.
2 Copy Trader fees apply only to profitable copied positions and are deducted as a percentage of the profit.
3 Included in the Bitcoin withdrawal fee. They offer SMS-based (smsTAN) and token-based two-factor authentication.


Minimum margin to open an order 0.001 BTC
Minimum margin to copy a trader 0.001 BTC
Minimum deposit amount no minimum

Features 1Broker.io

Utilize your Bitcoins

You think that Apple Inc. has a bad or bright future? Use 1Broker to convert your knowledge into profits. Earn from rising or falling prices without any conversions to traditional fiat currencies.

Social Trading

Share your trades and copy popular users. You even receive a reward if someone copies your trades! A perfect opportunity to earn a passive income by sharing your knowledge. You can find more details on the copy trader page.

Customizable leverages

1Broker.io With unique system of customizable leverages, you can easily adjust the risk yourself. From a highly speculative forex trade, to a conservative investment in a stock, anything is possible.

Bulletproof software

Since launch in 2012, they have acquired a lot of expertise about how to handle users’ deposits. You can sleep well when trusting with your cryptocurrency. Read more about this topic on security page.

Ultra-minimalist interface

With a size of less than 350 KB, web-based trading panel loads without any noticeable lags and runs smoothly on virtually all devices. Instead of bloating it with unnecessary new features, we focus on the most important things.

Transparent Formulas

All of trades are settled in Bitcoin. This means that your profit/loss is unaffected from a volatile Bitcoin exchange rate. You will directly profit in Bitcoin and avoid unforeseeable trading results.

1Broker.io best 24-hour safety service

1Broker.io provide specialized services to protect customer assets through the introduction of specialized hardware wallets, the highest level of security management in Korea, and secure services through 24-hour system control. I will lead. They will become the Cashier Restoration that prioritizes the value of customers’ assets.

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