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3DAX ICO Review : 3DAX is a dynamic decentralized digital asset exchange


About 3DAX 

3DAX is a dynamic decentralized digital asset exchange with a fully integrated proof of stake (POS) blockchain architecture that offers both individual and corporate investors a streamlined and un-complicated user experience. The 3DAX platform adopts blockchain technology to bridge the digital divide that exists between crypto currency experts and rookies.

Basic Information

Token Name 3DAX
Token Symbol =====
Social Media 3DAX ICO Review : 3DAX is a dynamic decentralized digital asset exchange3DAX ICO Review : 3DAX is a dynamic decentralized digital asset exchange
Hard cap 9,000 ETH
Token for sale 6,000,000,000
Soft cap 2,600 ETH
Country Indonesia
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A huge digital divide exists between those that can access and use crypto assets, and those that cannot. The entry barrier is very high for new adopters who wish to buy their first crypto assets. The overall complexity of blockchain technology is followed by lack of technical understanding which greatly impedes adoption rates in the crypto ecosystem.


Exchanges have often fallen victim to security breaches over the past few years. These breaches in security can result in millions of dollars’ worth of crypto assets being hijacked by dishonest parties and fraudsters.Information and process flow across cryptocurrency communities have a high chance of fragmentation, manipulation, and poor community
engagement models which creates a flawed system that can be exploited.



The 3DAX market is a next-gen digital asset exchange that supports young and established digital currencies in a convenient and seamless platform through which anyone can buy, invest, and trade cryptocurrencies. This stands as the core front for the 3DAX ecosystem and is simplistically designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. The primary aim of the 3DAX
market is to allow for a smooth transition into the cryptosphere by new users, while retaining the powerful system model to satisfy the trading needs of existing and professional cryptocurrency users.


The deployment of the 3DAX blockchain will allow for les resource consumption to maintain speed of transactions and block fidelity, reducing external dependencies. To ensure maximally efficient blockchain, the 3DAX mining network will be implemented. This will feature multiple moderated mining pools to share their processing power and resources to contribute to finding and validating blocks. Each mining pool will feature one of several community-centric mining methods as determined by the pool operator, and may alternate
between Proof-of Work and Proof-of-Stake algorithms.


An intelligent trading network facilitated by smart contracts and intelligent trade order matching with secure transactions at minimal hops. Signals for traders and investors provided by artificial intelligence backed predictive technology through machine learning algorithm.Trading fees charged in 3DAX tokens with multi-tier discounts on trades of other currencies for 3DAX token holders. Sellers who regularly engage in high volume trades, a special pro-trader status will be awarded, conferring lower trading fees and an officialn ‘trusted’ banner on their profile.


The hard cap for the token swap event is 9000 ETH. This limit was primarily chosen so that 3DAX holders could be assured of attractive potential dividend return on their initial Investment, also because it is unnecessary to raise further funding for initial platform development. The exact valuation of the token will be decided by the public after the token swap event. Given that 60% of the 3DAX tokens are available on market through the token swap event and reserved tokens are frozen for one year, initial pairings will be supplied by
the initial token holders.


A percentage of all transacted amounts will be taken as a transaction fee for maintaining and upgrading the platform. The trading fees will be comparable to the lowest prices in the market. The transaction fee will be slightly increased in exceptions where the user chooses to pay in a currency that isn’t 3DAX token. 3DAX will feature some advanced features using its blockchain that require GAS. 3DAX tokens will be used as GAS to power these features.


Narong Daosri CEO

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