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The iGaming industry has advanced a lot since its primitive beginnings. With a massive variety of games available these days, players have more choice than ever now. One of the most popular advancements has been the development of online casinos and games that can be accessed and played using cryptocurrencies as the main payment method. 

Not only does this provide players with faster and cheaper access to their favorite games, it offers them a more private experience and a more secure digital environment in which to enjoy them. Slot games have become the go-to form of entertainment for many online gamblers, often proving to be the most popular games among ardent players. 

What Makes them Popular?

Among Asian platforms in particular, crypto slot games have taken off in a massive way. Platforms that offer direct slot sites which provide the option of games that specialize in crypto wagering are carving out a niche for themselves for their ability to offer a more anonymous experience that isn’t tied down by Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations, according to Narathip Sukanankul, who also says these sites and the developers we’re looking at today offer more than 1000 slot games for players to choose from. 

Generally available to the largest markets like the US and UK through offshore platforms, these sites make for a great alternative to players from those regions. Unlike traditional online gambling platforms that utilize ordinary payment methods, those that accept cryptocurrencies are able to provide payment and payout options that are basically instantaneous and free of the usual delays and risks associated with banks and electronic payments. 

Since cryptocurrency runs on blockchain technology, players have the added security of knowing transactions are internally verified, and are practically immutable. It also means that players generally do not have to provide their personal details and banking credentials to sign up and play. Also, since they’re more secure, these sites offer an experience that is safer, while ensuring that cryptocurrencies enjoy wider acceptance that helps strengthen their value. 

More and more game developers have caught on to this trend and are seeking to slowly make more and more games to capitalize on their popularity and ease of access. Slot games remain the most popular choice for ardent online gamblers and less experienced alike, placing them among the games most prized by the largest software developers who specialize in them. Here’s a look at five of the best crypto slot game developers that are leading this new revolution in online gambling.

  1. Betsoft Gaming 

Since 2005, Betsoft Gaming has remained a prominent name in the development of casino games. Known for providing games with innovative features and immersive gameplay, their popularity has grown enormously in the last two decades. Not just a slot game developer, they have also been successful with offerings such as video poker and table games too. 

Offering seamless experiences and reliable games that captivate players, Betsoft has also become one of the leading developers of slot games. Their success in mobile games has cemented their success in the 21st century, as many of their games have spearheaded the iGaming revolution that came with the parallel rise of the smartphone craze and online gambling. 

As a trusted developer, their games are also renowned for ensuring fairness to players and going to great lengths to ensure games are able to comply with all international regulations. By utilizing cutting edge technologies and Random Number Technologies (RNGs), Betsoft games provide both the player and platform with peace of mind that their games are always fair and above board. 

Betsoft has also been recognized for its efforts with a host of awards. Its crypto offerings are not just tied to Bitcoin and generally accept other cryptocurrencies too such as Ether, Tether, and Dogecoin. With 3D video in some offerings and beautiful graphics in all of them, games like The Tipsy Tourist have become fan favorites. 

  1. Play ‘n’ Go 

Offering the experience of almost two decades in the industry, Play ‘n’ Go has built up a trusted array of games across various platforms. Not one to rest on laurels, the developer constantly finds innovative ways to enhance its offerings with better and more immersive features. When it comes to slot games, the company has become iconic for its pioneering efforts. 

In that regard, Play ‘n’ Go has been instrumental in developing mobile-friendly slot games. Back when slot games weren’t even offered on smartphones and tablets, it was Play ‘n’ Go that pioneered their success and developed many of the first ones to make the transition. With a wide variety now offered, their slots feature all of the most famous features that slot lovers enjoy most. Features like progressive jackpots and free spins make their games more enjoyable than traditional ones. 

Some of their famous slots include Book of the Dead and Sweet Alchemy. Many of those games are offered on online casinos that accept cryptocurrencies too, making them more widely available to players who prefer those sites. As a leading developer among slot games, Play ‘n’ Go has become a world renowned name and a trusted provider of them. With plenty of games for beginners too, Play ‘n’ Go slots also set themselves apart with more complex offerings too that can be enjoyed by experienced players looking for something more challenging. 

  1. Red Tiger Gaming 

One of the more recent names to join the online gambling world, Red Tiger Gaming has quickly developed a solid reputation for its thrilling slot games. Setting themselves apart through high quality offerings, the developer has wasted no time in making a name for itself among its vastly more experienced competitors. 

Not wanting to be left behind, the developer adapted many of its best slot games to be compatible with Bitcoin casinos. As a result, some of its most famous slots like Wolf Kin can now be enjoyed on crypto platforms. It also features games that play on many pop culture themes such as its Narcos Mexico slot game. 

Many of their games are also available on smartphones through their mobile-friendly versions. With excellent gameplay and quality features, their games make for enjoyable and reliable options. Players have been taking notice of this, with their games often attracting hardcore slot players who want a more high quality experience. 

  1. Microgaming 

One of the original pioneers of the iGaming industry and a name that’s become iconic in the industry, Microgaming started as a tiny company in Durban, South Africa. Started way back in 1994, at a time when online gambling was still a concept in its infancy, the company spearheaded the revolution and technological advancements that helped make the industry what it is today. 

As a world leader in online casino games, Microgaming specializes in slot games, and the developer was responsible for what it calls the world’s first true online casino software. It now features an expansive library of hundreds of casino games across all types and genres. Its dedication to fair play makes it a sought after developer for online casinos that take security and safety seriously for its players. A winner of multiple awards, there’s probably no other name in the world of online gaming as revered. 

With famous progressive slot games like Mega Moolah, the developer holds the distinction of some of the biggest payouts in history. In fact, as far as slot game jackpots go, Microgaming still holds the record for the largest progressive jackpot win on an online slot game. That game was Mega Moolah, and the lucky Belgian player who won it collected a staggering $23.4 million jackpot from it. 

  1. Pragmatic Play 

A world leader among Bitcoin slot games, Pragmatic Play specializes in developing crypto slot games. Given that it constantly aims at developing slot games for the crypto casino niche, it has become the most trusted name in that arena. Ticking all of the usual boxes slot lovers look for, their games include stunning graphics, immersive gameplay, and reliable offerings that prioritize fairness. 

With plenty of themes and a variety of choices, players will never run out of options. Combining great sound effects with some eye-popping designs, games like Wolf Gold and Gates of Olympus often rank among the best online slot games around. While slots and crypto offerings are its specialty, the developer does also offer table and live games too. Constantly improving, this is one developer poised to remain on the forefront of crypto gambling and take it into the future. 


Online gambling has become a huge business in the modern world. With a seemingly endless array of captivating casino games for players to choose from, online slots has often distinguished itself as the go-to favorites of many avid online gamblers. While there are a couple of must haves that make these games popular, their inclusion among crypto casinos are quickly driving their success further. 

Since crypto casinos offer the added benefits of anonymity, greater privacy, a more secure platform, and cheaper and faster payments, many game developers have been clamoring to create more games for them. Crypto slot games are especially appealing, with some of the world’s leading developers now offering a plethora of slot games that can be exclusively played with cryptocurrencies.

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