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AdRealm ICO Review : Adrealm is a BIOC-based (business incentive-oriented consensus)


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About AdRealm

Adrealm is a BIOC-based (business incentive-oriented consensus) ecosystem that utilizes a public chain + off-chain network to create a new foundation for the digital advertising industry in addition to a service layer. Adrealm is engineered and designed to facilitate value-creation. Its unique consensus – Proof of Valid Traffic (PoVT) more than satisfies the fundamental architectural requirement of the blockchain, but also results in the cultivation of an ecosystem that promotes a sustainable and virtuous cycle for high-quality data and services.

Basic Information

Token NameAdRealm
Token SymbolARM
Social MediaAdRealm ICO Review : Adrealm is a BIOC-based (business incentive-oriented consensus)AdRealm ICO Review : Adrealm is a BIOC-based (business incentive-oriented consensus)AdRealm ICO Review : Adrealm is a BIOC-based (business incentive-oriented consensus)
AcceptingETH, BTC, DASH, NEO
Soft cap=====
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Top tech

The Adrealm team as a whole has amassed strong AI and big data experience in terms of product development.The core team has worked together for over three years on launching global businesses, curating a strong international management team.In a previous venture, the team was able to acquire over 300 million users under nine months, becoming the fourth largest global Android Developer and a Facebook global developer case study. From app development to becoming China’s largest casual and casino type game publisher, its business foundation has already realized profitable growth.


Based on a business foundation of product data, customer and industry resources, since the launch of UPLTV, the business has achieved over ten million MAUs in under four months with 900 million ad impressions in one month. UPLTV’s AI-driven ad optimization platform works together with big data platform, Dataverse, built over years of operation; the two will enable Adrealm’s success, provide technology, customer base and traffic for the blockchain-powered ecosystem.



Advertisers are the parties willing to pay for traffic (audiences). They are on the demand-side of this model. There are multiple methods for calculating payment, but generally they’re based on metrics like page-views, click-through rates, etc., and how much the advertiser pays is measured in terms of how many people see and/or engage the advertisement. Publishers/Developers are on the supply-side of the model, and the service they supply is traffic.

System architecture

The pain points we discussed at the beginning of this whitepaper need to be understood in the context of the nature and scale of business transactions in digital advertising. When we turned our attention to the inefficiencies of the industry – in which, we note, we are an established global presence – we saw that blockchain technology offered not just a pain-management solution, but a cure for the disease.

Fraud proof

The transaction process is an effective time window for disputes.Usually this will not exceed 10 days, which is much shorter than the 3-6 month window in the traditional transaction model. This is assigned once the data collected on the state of business (through the off-chain network) is submitted to on-chain for payment. During a dispute period, participants
can submit evidence of fraudulent activity at any given time. Once verified (ie., data fraud or state fraud has been committed), deductibles will be extracted from the fraudulent party.

Public chain

Adrealm public chain encompasses the contract publication, execution, payment, incentive
realization, and data verification and storage between all roles (advertisers, publishers, and service providers) in one unified platform. All forms of activities, such as ad buying and other related services with service providers, will be automatically executed and paid through the form of a smart contract on the public chain.

Community voting

Matters related to the voting procedures of the governing council, council seats and key roles will be in the governance chapter. Council members have the right to initiate a proposal for adjusting the consensus coefficient. Accounts with a PoVT score higher than 0 may vote, where the weight of the vote is dependent on the account’s PoVT score. Voting procedure takes place on-chain. Once the required ratio of votes has been established, the
coefficient adjustment will automatically become effective in the next block.




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