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Afterschool ICO Review : Afterschool is a 2 sided blockchain-based marketplace


About Afterschool 

Afterschool is a 2 sided blockchain-based marketplace that helps parents discover, plan and book the best afterschool activities for their children while at the same time we help activity providers to find new customers and manage their business by providing an end-to-end solution to acquire and engage with their existing customers.

Basic Information

Token Name Afterschool
Token Symbol AST
Social Media Afterschool ICO Review : Afterschool is a 2 sided blockchain-based marketplaceAfterschool ICO Review : Afterschool is a 2 sided blockchain-based marketplace
Accepting ETH
Platform Ethereum
Soft cap =====
Country United Arab Emirates
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage


AfterSchool helps parents discover, select, book and pay for children’s activities online
through the web and mobile application platform. Every parent is constantly searching
for the best after-school activities to help their child and on the other hand, after-school
activity providers are constantly looking at effective ways to reach parents. From theatre to arts, singing to dancing, fitness to various sporting activities, Afterschool have them all listed. The world going mobile and with the new blockchain technology Afterschool are aiming to decentralize Afterschool platform to scale by incentivizing both parents and provider in afterschool platform.


The mobile application is available for free on Android as well as the Apple Store, being
compatible with the latest software updates. One can simply register as a parent and benefit from the various offerings by Afterschool. Afterschool have already generated $350K USD in revenue and helped activity providers to generate $1M of revenue coming from our marketplace platform. Afterschool is comprised of 8 FTE’s and still growing. Located in Ibn Battuta Gate Offices in Dubai, UAE, and Makati, Philippines.



Afterschool democratizes after school activity marketplace and its booking management system by powering the platform using Ethereum Blockchain technology. This allows afterschool to be on top of rapidly moving trends in the edtech industry. Using the Ethereum blockchain technology to incentivize the curating process of the information of the activities and reviews is the only reasonable and rationale way to keep Afterschool database up to date and relevant.

Management environment

Parents will always interact with the interface via web/mobile site or the mobile application, a front end written in Javascript that rewards the parents and the activity providers for participating in the platform. Parent can utilize the AST token to book a kid’s activity in the activity marketplace and for providers to use the functionality of the platform such as customer engagement or advertising an activity in the marketplace.

AST token

The Afterschool Token (AST) are sold during an initial period to the general public. They are
ERC20 compatible and can therefore be easily transferred or sold among users of ETH,
using standard methods. Moreover, the Afterschool team is in contact with major exchanges to list AST tokens on multiple exchanges shortly after the initial sale ends.
Parents get the set amount of AS token by participating in the afterschool platform such as
editorial content distribution, validating activities, reviewing activity providers, and providing service in the secondary marketplace. AST tokens are necessary to be use for the afterschool marketplace platform.


In case the ICO does not reach the envisioned amount, none of the development or marketing activities will be completely omitted, but the dynamics of their execution might change. If needed, our operations will only be scaled down to extend the runway far enough to achieve all development and marketing goals Afterschool’ve set. Unsold tokens will be transferred into the marketing budget. Tokens will be locked into a smart contract and accessible after one year, when the global marketing campaign will begin. The lockdown is to prove the contributors Afterschool believe in the value of the afterschool token and as reassurance that the tokens won’t be sold immediately and will be spent only for the marketing and sales activities.

Products and services

The website for parents includes a booking management system where they can see the
activities they booked, schedules, prices, and location in an easy-to-use interface. They
can also leave online reviews to providers and chat them up directly, all on the website.
The website also has a chat support for parents having a hard time looking for an activity.
The providers are also equipped with an amazing business tool where they can create
activity pages all on their own. They can change the activity name, upload photos, plot
their activity’s schedule, and pin their location in Google Maps, among others. They can
also see how many parents viewed and booked their activity through the reports tab.



Pam Williams HEAD OF SALES
Walfrido Perez CTO – CO FOUNDER

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