Aigatha Ico Review : A popularized artificial intelligence platform

About Aigatha

AIgatha comes from the name of the most powerful prophet, Agatha, in the film named The Minority Report. In the film, the police force relies on PreCrime Technology to prevent crimes. The technology will read and analyze
the forecasting from three mutated humans called “Precogs” and Agatha Lively is the most powerful prophet among them. As more crimes have been prevented by using this technology, they are more appreciated by the society. Although Agatha team we do not have a superpower, we are experienced and sophisticated in developing AI. Indeed, AI can be applied to prevent crimes as what has shown in the film. But, AIgatha team has a broader agenda: AI will not only facilitate every individual to realize their creative ideas but also solve various problems in  life. Currently, the application of AI demands high information competency and expensive hardwares. Thus, thescience and technology have been controlled by a limited number of R&D institutions and financially sound groups.

Basic Information

Token Name Aigatha
Token SYmbol ATH
Social Media Aigatha Ico Review : A popularized artificial intelligence platformAigatha Ico Review : A popularized artificial intelligence platform Aigatha Ico Review : A popularized artificial intelligence platform
Crowdfunding 1,000,000,000 ATH
Platform Ethereum
Token release 2,000,000,000
Language English
Restrictions No restrictions
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Three Core technologies

AIgatha has been developing distributed computation and artificial intelligence for more than eight years, most of which are applied in academic research. Now we combine it with blockchain to create another whole new technology. We have been making effort to popularize high technology, equipping people with the ability of fulfilling creativities, enhancing people’s living quality, and boosting the development of global civilization.


AIgatha’s project computing transform cash flow into data flow, making the information computation open and transparent and assuring the users’ security. Miners can operate project computing and maintain ledger at the same time.

[email protected]

With [email protected], AIgatha can integrate miners’ computing power to reduce the time of data analysis.

Artificial Intelligence

iMLOv is AIgatha’s computing system integrating multiple algorithms of popular machine learning and parameter optimization and blockchain to make accurate prediction.

Network Architecture

AIgatha’s network architecture consists of users, miners and the Chronos Fortress. There are three parallel layers in AIgatha: application layer consisting of users and miners, the service layer the Chronos Fortress and the recording layer blockchain.

Users or miners only can communicate with blockchain via nearby chronos fortress. The information verification in traditional blockchain is about the numeric value of tokens, i.e., cash flows, whereas on AIgatha system, the cash flows will be replaced with data flow.

Four Phases

There are four phases of AIgatha’s project implementation, including blockchain, distributed computing platform, artificial intelligence service platform and platform for different developing fields. The model of construction of each phase will be displayed in the following illustrations.

Exchange Mechanism

  1. Users can use AIgatha token to purchase the service of distributed computing and big data analysis.
  2. Miners will offer their computing power and obtain proof of work to get AIgatha token after finishing their tasks.

[email protected](DC platform)

  1. With simplified API, [email protected] (DC platform) reduce the cost of developing distributed computing system.
  2. integrate miners’ computing power, users don’t have to purchase expensive equipment.
  3. Share benefits with miners, and boost positive circulation of blockchain ecosystem.
  4. Built on blockchian, [email protected] can solve the problem of electricity waste and create new values.

Big Data Prediction Platform

  1. Users can only focus on data collection and make big data prediction based on important eigenvalues.
  2. Developers are welcome to implement their own AI algorithm and sell them to users in need.

Multiple Service

  1. Everyone can find out solution for each case fast with the implementation of prediction system in different fields.
  2. Preserve large amount of data and the credibility of data source with blockchain.
  3. Friendly, simple, and graphic user interface.
  4. Individuals, small and medium-size labs and corporates will be relieved with platform.

Rate of Token Distribution

  • 15% Market Development and Application
  • Token will be unlocked until the end of crowdfunding.
  •  15% Group Reward
  • Token will be in the locked stage for two years.
  •  20% Miner Reward
  • Token will be unlocked until the end of crowdfunding.
  •  15% Presale
  • Token will be unlocked until the end of crowdfunding.
  •  35% Public sale
  • Token will be unlocked until the end of crowdfunding


Members Kage Chong – Co-Founder

Luka Chen – Co-Founder

Hans Lin – Engineer

Peter Liao – Engineer

Marcy Lu – Digital Marketing

Julie Lo – UI/UX Designer

Jaya Lee – Designer

Kora Tsai – Designer

Eugenie Huang – Marketing

Shuai-Hsun Pan – Multimedia Developer

Sandra Wu – PR Representative

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