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About Airbloc 

Airbloc (ABL) is a cryptocurrency token and operates on the Ethereum platform. Airbloc has a current supply of 400,000,000 with 252,376,219.415 in circulation. The last known price of Airbloc is $0.005141 USD and is down -5.29% over the last 24 hours. It is currently trading on 11 active market(s) with $1,118,152.779 traded over the last.

Led by Airbridge, A Leading Big Data Analytics Firm

They are a firm with deep expertise in data analytics, digital advertising, and blockchain technology.


Data Privacy Infringements For Users

Your data today is collected, monetized and utilized without your consent or awareness. The data industry today is dominantly controlled by centralized services that aggregate data illegally and sell them to other enterprises to generate huge revenues.

Because there are no existing legitimate data markets for applications to monetize their users’ data for additional revenue, applications often sell your data illegally to other services that further aggregate data to sell it to other enterprises.

There are no existing data marketplaces that allow enterprises to purchase high quality, insightful and legally acquired data at reasonable prices for their business intelligence and targeted marketing purposes.

Best 6 Wallet For Storing Airbloc 

1. Ledger Nano S: 

Ledger Nano S is a hardware wallet that can easily be plugged into any USB port. It supports multiple coins and tokens. It has an OLED screen and a side button on the device. You can use the button to view and check all your transactions and your balance in the wallet. It is backed by a great support team and is constantly under development and will include more currencies in the future. The security features are quite strong in Ledger Nano. It is secured by passphrases, PIN codes and seed keys that makes it one of the most popular and secured wallets in the ERC20 platform

Buy Ledger Nano S Wallet

2. Coinomi Wallet

Coinomi is a mobile wallet. It is a multicurrency wallet and supports forked coins. Coinomi also supports the ERC20 coins and is backed by a very good community of developers. It stores all your private keys securely within the wallet itself and you have full control of your funds. It is an HD wallet protected by a PIN code, a seed code and a passphrase feature. However, you have to activate its token feature by adding your set of tokens. You can download the Coinomi App into your Android phones. The iOS version will be launched soon.

Coinomi Wallet

Tips for securely storing your Airbloc

  • Do your own research. Before sending any coins or private data to a wallet, make sure you have researched the wallet provider to make sure everything is above board. Keep an eye out for scam wallets, such as those using URLs only slightly different to the URLs of legitimate wallet providers, and check out some independent reviews for all the pros and cons.
  • Back it up. Make use of your wallet’s back-up and restore facility so that if something ever goes wrong with your wallet, you’ll be able to recover your funds.
  • Set a strong password. Now is not the time to be lazy when creating a password; take your time to create a strong and uncrackable code.
  • Make use of all available security features. Make the most of all the security features your wallet offers, such as two-factor authentication or multi-signature transactions. It’ll offer increased protection for your funds and greater peace of mind for you.
  • Update your antivirus software. Take care to regularly update the antivirus protection and anti-malware software on any device you will be using to access your wallet.
  • Keep your private keys private. Last but not least, don’t underestimate the importance of your private keys. Store them somewhere safe and don’t share them with anyone else.

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