AirWire Gets Maiden Listing On Sistemkoin

The Token Distribution Platform, AirWire was listed on SistemKoin exchange on Monday making it possible for Crypto aficionados to buy and sell the coin. This, as a matter of fact, the first exchange listing after it successfully raised a $10 Million in a Token Generation Event in June.

Justin Day, Listing Director of AirWire explained that the listing of WIRE on Sistemkoin is a big step towards allowing more people to acquire the Crypto to stake and set up Masternodes. In the current block reward cycle, a WIRE masternode is giving approximately a 16 per cent token return per month.

In an exclusive interview with CWS, Justin indicated WIRE is needed to utilize the platform as it is the fuel which allows people to send coins through social media, text message and email. “It is also required to participate in our airdrop feature where not only us but also other coins are frequently airdropping coins to our users,” Justin related.

Team Expectation

On what his team is expecting with the new development, Justin had this to say:

“It will draw in more people to our project so that they can take advantage of the airdrops on the platform. But even more importantly we want them there to facilitate one of our goals, which is the mass adoption of cryptocurrency. With the features on our platform, you literally have the ability to make cryptocurrency simple. I don’t know about you but when I got into Cryptocurrency there was a learning curve, our project eliminates that.

He also touched on how with the features on AirWire, anyone can literally send and receive WIRE or any other coins listed on the platform to anyone in the world through text message, social media and email without an address. “We live in a microwave world, which means everyone wants things simple and quick, with the AirWire platform we have eliminated the learning curve and created a way to send and receive cryptocurrency in a quick and efficient manner,” the Listing Director maintained.

Community Reaction

The listing according to him has generated a lot of excitement in the AirWire community. More so, he denoted how an exchange is one of the many ways of opening up a project to the world and when people see they can purchase your coin, they then review the company to understand why it is uniqueness.

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He, however, declined to mention the next exchange that will list them but revealed they are going to announce more listings soon. The team is determined to get on board many exchanges so that it can reach out to more users.

Masternodes Proliferation

Currently, Masternodes and Decentralized Autonomous Governance (DAG) Cryptocurrencies have stormed the market in droves. When you check newly added coins on CoinMarketCap, almost 70 per cent of coins entering the Crypto market is MN and DAG.

In spite of the intense competition, the team believes AirWire has what it takes to survive and thrive. Justin enumerates:

“I love proof of stake/masternode coins since they allow people to benefit from supporting the blockchain. Unfortunately, most masternode coins do not have a product outside of the coin itself. So what separates WIRE is not only that we are a masternode coin with an average return of 16 per cent of your tokens per month in the current block reward cycle but also we have a working platform.”

Justin farther insisted AirWire’s strength doesn’t just separate it from most Masternode coins alone, but a good majority of other types of cryptocurrency on the market since a few have a working product that brings something unique to the marketplace. Moreover, they have a patent-pending technology on the AirWire platform.

Furthermore, he revealed the platform was created in 2017 and had a very successful token sale in June this year, selling approximately 60 per cent of the tokens and about 21 million of those tokens are already locked up in masternodes. “Our community loves receiving their staking and masternode rewards,” Justin informed CWS. “On the first day of WIRE being on Sistemkoin, only about 0.002 per cent of our coin supply was put on the exchange, not even up to one per cent and it’s an indication of a loyal community who believe in what we’re doing.”

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Frisco d'Anconia
Frisco d'Anconia is a journalist by profession and a Free Market Activist in Africa. He's has been in Bitcoin since 2011 teaching Bitcoin to college students.


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