Alehub Ico Review: The new era of project management is coming

About Alehub

In classical economy, decision-making is done in a few sectors of financial and state authorities. As a result, the potential to reach a compromise and arrive at a consensus is limited. Financial and legal infrastructures are quite expensive and not flexible.  Cryptoeconomics is defined by non-compliance with legislation and recognized values of most countries in the segments of identification of fiscal agents, private data storage and encryption, liquidity and legality of digital means of payment, verification of authorization, skills, etc. ALE Project team believes that now it’s time to bring together best aspects of separate segments in order to get to a qualitatively new level – the composite economy. Alehub this means a simple integration of rules and customs of existing industries and segments of global and local economies with the new processing and verification capabilities. So it becomes cheaper, simpler, more reliable and flexible.

Such solutions can be implemented only with a system approach: coordinated functioning of the users’ software, virtual data warehouse, microprograms and codes transmitted via telecommunication networks, algorithms for change decision-making and data interpretation under dynamic operating conditions. Alehub All the above-mentioned correlates with financial models used in the economy, regulations, and laws of the main jurisdictions. It has internal mechanisms for adjustment of rules and policies while maintaining constant and authentic recorded history.

Basic Information

Token symbolALE
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Language English
Acceptable currenciesETH, BTC, BCH, NEO
 Hard cap2333 / 61591
Soft cap1250000 / 7500000 USD
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Market Review

Alehub core audience is the companies of the developed and developing countries. According to data provided by PWC, more and more companies recognize the importance of project management. In 2004, more than 30% of companies were not practicing project management methods on a regular basis. By 2012, almost half of the respondents have successfully implemented means to manage projects and obtained results1. The market for project management is constantly growing because of the new companies that are facing challenges in this sphere. Core audience may be divided into three segments: large enterprises (more than 250 employees), medium-sized and small enterprises, and self-employed persons (including PWC freelancers).


Regulations and requirements

Alehub All the systems based on distributed ledgers have one essential fault – the procedures performed fail to meet the legislation of majority of countries as for identification of the economic agents. Until now, this factor has stymied implementation of the platform with multilateral smart contracts, which could have satisfied all the requirements of participants of real global goods and services market.

Projects management methodology

Almost every country has its own project management standards (DIN 69901 in Germany, international ISO 10006-97, APM in Great Britain). Alehub At the same time, some countries have several unique project management standards (Prince 2, BS 6079-1:2010 and APM in Great Britain). Each standard regulates specific features of the management process. And none of them can be treated as generally accepted – even in particular industry sector in a particular country. Today’s market of project management systems has a variety of server products targeted to meet the demands of the large business. Significant time and financial resources are needed to implement them, mainly to adapt them to certain industry sectors or companies.

The goal of The Market
There is a separate room in the market for project management applications. Alehub The planning, adaptation, and record-keeping of managerial, technical and engineering solutions are executed within its framework. There are CRM-systems for management and communications accounting. Financial services related to the execution of the projects and fulfillment of the terms of the corresponding contracts are carried out and managed separately via banking applications and operator’s accounting system.

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Ale Platform

Alehub is a platform for creating decentralized services of project management based on the blockchain. One of the main ALE features is to support multilateral smart contracts. With their help, especially due to the possibility to automatically administrate the relationship of the parties, the trusted operating environment is guaranteed. Besides that, legal practice as any other practice which deals with the contract allows amending any arrangements with new conditions during the process of work. Thanks to ALE, smart contracts can be supplemented by new terms until their execution, thus creating the “contract tree”, or the project structure by another name.

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In most cases when the advanced payment to three counterparties is made in DAO the triple price reserve is created. ALE offers to make one reserve to all counterparties before contract signing. With that, the price can be reduced without changes in contract terms (for example at the time of getting discount or for Exchange Traded Commodities with rapid prices at the particular time (e.g., in currency).

Document management system

Documentation is one of the weak points of modern software development. According to the majority of current standards, Alehub-system allows adding the documentation requirements into the technical specification. The modern methodologies of software development shift focus from documentation of each stage of development to interaction with the customer. However, lack of proper documentation is a challenge when it comes to supporting the software. That is why the contract may also specify the basic rules of document management and frequency of its drawing up. Documentation availability is a logical end of software development process in case of small projects. Large projects usually require the stepwise documentation drafting along with system development.

Members verification

Verification as a term varies depending on the object so being interpreted in a different way by every business activity participant:

  • Verification of the content of the document. This procedure is an exclusive duty of the parties as in real life so from the legal standpoint. Encrypting enables them to agree not only in a private way but also to join the third party by means of a selected key. Such procedure is enacted into laws of almost all countries, where the law governs the responsibility for private data storage.
  • Verification in all basic economic branches, in which the independent or governmental certifying, licensing and permitting body exists.
  • User verification – including the procedure enacted into law

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MembeMihail Gromyko – CEO

Mihail Gromyko – COO

Artem Levashov – COO

Egor Loktev – CMO

Vladimir Grudinin – PhD

Arseniy Voytenko

Galina Sergeeva

Elena Tsymbaliuk

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