Allbebet ICO Review : Platform For Betting On The Sports

About Allbebet

Allbebet integrating into the business model of blockchain technology and neural networks makes the process fair and honest. Based on the achievements of modern digital technologies, Allbebet creates a platform on which millions of people can play with each other, place bets, obtain predictions and analytics, freely withdraw the winning, and communicating within the platform create teams for joint bets.

Allbebet is an infrastructure project in sports and gaming area created for higher sports achievement by using neurointelligence and blockchain technology. The Allbebet company direction of development is business model making based on innovative technologies that can unite millions of people from sport, gaming and betting industry. is a platform for sports and e-sports betting establishing direct connection between users based on blockchain technology and smart-contracts.

Basic Information

Token Name Allbebet
Token Symbol ALB
Social Media Allbebet ICO Review : Platform For Betting On The SportsAllbebet ICO Review : Platform For Betting On The SportsAllbebet ICO Review : Platform For Betting On The Sports
Soft cap
1,500 ETH
Hard cap
7,500 ETH
Tokens for sale
1,000,000,000 ALB
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Return of triggering bet

The player can correctly guess the outcome of an event, but the bookmaker will return only the amount of the bet to him instead of winning. It is allowed in accordance to the rules of the bookmaker office, which rarely undergo changes. Players often do not read the user agreement and remain at a loss. The standard reasoning for cancellation is that coefficients were set wrong. However, losing bets are not returned to players. Bookmakers often use this trick, trying to cancel the big winnings, crediting smaller amounts “to maintain activity”.

Fight against successful players

Bookmakers do everything to identify and screen out successful players who often win. If a bookmaker suspects you to be a “professional player”, he can set a limit, both on all bets and individual events, often reducing the allowed amount of your bet to the minimum. In general, bookmakers always set limits that are beneficial to them, which do not allow players to earn.

Hacking of centralized architecture

Online services that used to are no longer able to provide the necessary level of security. Hacks, accompanied by the theft of personal information and cash of users, happen everywhere.

Obstacles to withdrawal of funds

Bookmakers often use all means to keep their money as long as possible, the crediting of money for a winning takes ages, payments are delayed, additional verification procedures are carried out. In some cases, you have to write additional claims on the withdrawal of honestly earned funds.



The blockchain and related technologies will help solve main betting problems. Blockchain provides for complete transparency of transactions and guarantees data accuracy. Nobody can cancel or change your bet as it is just impossible to amend the entry at any host. Using a distributed ledger protected by cryptographic algorithm will increase the level of security and trust of the users.

Smart contracts

Smart-contracts eliminate the involvement of third parties into bet. They provide automatic fulfillment of transaction conditions, transaction processing and exchanging assets between the parties without intermediaries, following the concept ‘code is principle’. Using smart-contracts in Allbebet.BET application created an environment where nothing can influence the outcome or logic of betting. Player can be 100% sure that his bet will play according to his terms if the event takes place.

Own gambling currency

The ALB Token is Allbebet’s own gambling currency and is used for all operations within the company products. Token’s deflationary model and stabilization functionality allow to cut volatility costs that can not be done using ETH or BTC. Also the first stages own gambling currency allows to be protected from risks related accounts lock and obstacles from the systems controlling this sector.

Business model of Allbebet

Allbebet provides a convenient service that allows you to bet without bookmakers and enjoy the game. The user enjoys the complete control over his bets and funds, and 100% confidence of betting conditions performance. ALLBEBET.BET platform works using smart-contracts, and the outcome of the event is being delivered by Oracle from official confirmed sources of information on the completion of the event that excludes falsification possibility.
ALLBEBET can connect many players from all around the world. The user will find here all the usual tools for betting, as well as additional features that are implemented on the platform. To maintain the platform in operation the company charges a fee of 7% for each win.

Platform functionality

  • Bets.
  • User profile.
  • Ratings and statistics.
  • Analytics and forecasting.
  • News.
  • Chat.
  • Translations.
  • Marketplace.

ALB token usage

  • Opportunity to place bets within the platform Allbebet .
  • Opportunity to buy on the platform goods and services of clubs, players and sports partners in the “Auction” section.
  • Opportunity to buy company products and services on other platforms.
  • Opportunity of technical collaboration with other gambling sites that will allow partial or complete integration of the token ALB into their infrastructure.

Analytics and forecasting

The key to successful betting is Allbebet correct analytics. Before making a bet, the bettor checks the results of past games of the teams, the number of goals and scoring passes, looks for information on the composition of the teams and the condition of the team members. The more factors are taken into account more precise the event’s analysis is, which helps to make the right decision when placing a bet. Analytics in betting is very time-consuming and sometimes quite complicated. Only a professional player can fully immerse in it as specific knowledge and experience is needed which an amateur does not have.

Key resources

  • Allbebet platform development and current products.
  • Team building.
  • Marketing, PR, analysis.
  • Partnership for Integration/collaboration.
  • Infrastructure maintenance.
  • AI studying.

Advantages of Allbebet

  • Trust.
  • Convenience.
  • Security.




Raman Dolny, CEO

Dmitry Yakimovich, Chief Operating Officer

Alexandr Melushev, Chief Technology Officer

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