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Allvor ICO Review : Allvor is the first cryptocurrency with a focus on the trade of products


About Allvor 

Allvor is the first cryptocurrency with a focus on the trade of products and services, based on the XRP Ledger. Allvor combines the XRP Ledger’s superior technology with the intent of boosting the adoption of cryptocurrencies use in commercial relationships, directly by the market agents, including consumers and sellers, in the most varied sectors. Allvor will create and encourage the creation of tools that enable the intercommunication between the real-time gross settlement possibilities available in the XRP Ledger with the technological resources used by merchants and payment solution providers for e-commerce, including Payment Gateways and Payment Service Providers – PSPs.

Basic Information

Token Name Allvor
Token Symbol ALV
Social Media Allvor ICO Review : Allvor is the first cryptocurrency with a focus on the trade of products
Soft cap =====
Token supply 100,000,000,000 ALV
Platform Ripple
Country Brazil
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Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage


The scale use of cryptocurrencies to purchase products and services will only occur when the protocols and tools used to support digital currency transactions start to operate in parallel and exchange information with the systems that support the other steps/processes involved in businesses. As a consequence, there is a necessary effort compatibility and integration.That is because significant part the transactional information and data required to support commercial relationships far outweighs the financial settlement data information.


With Allvor perspective of the future, the best and most consistent blockchain
technologies will transparently integrate and operate with the various layers and
protocols required to conduct financial and business transactions. Allvor believe this will occur both from the innovation proposed by independent developers and from massive efforts of integration with systems used by large business and payment solution players.


Protocols and systems

Cryptocurrencies will reach their full potential only when properly integrated with the commercial systems that support businesses in the main e-retail networks. Allvor will develop and contribute to developing these solutions. To perform this task, it will be necessary to integrate the technologies that support the sales, marketing, customer relationship, and logistics functions, among others, with the real-time settlement.


The project’s success depends on strengthening the community of users and
developers, both regarding the use of the currency and the software development.
Allvor will not do an ICO or a crowdfunding to raise funds. Its initial distribution will
be made directly to the XRP holders community under the terms of Allvor Initial
Distribution program. Allvor will also allocate resources to support projects for using
the currency in real, concrete and community-relevant situations, developed
independently or with the direct participation of Allvor team.

Hybrid payment

Allvor will develop and make technologies available that enable the operation of Hybrid Payment Gateways – HPG. HPGs are payment gateways that can receive ALV payments and process payments to sellers in both ALV and local currency, in the
location (country) where the HPG operates. The great differential of the HPGs is that
the necessary transactions (payments and currency exchange)can be fully supported by the resources available in the XRP Ledger.


ALV will be progressively included in the main cryptocurrency exchanges. Nevertheless, at the release, it is already possible to buy and sell ALV by using the XRP Ledger’s decentralized exchange platform, using XRP to buy ALV. So, to buy ALV, the user must have an active Ripple account, add a trust line for ALV, use a
wallet that allows them to create and execute purchase/sale orders on the XRP Ledger and have some XRP to make their purchase or bid.

Payment system

As stated by Ripple, “the XRP Ledger is a universal payment system enabling users to transfer funds (including fiat currencies, digital currencies and other forms of value) across national boundaries as seamlessly as sending an email. Like other digital currencies such as Bitcoin, the XRP Ledger enables peer-to-peer transaction settlement across decentralized network of computers. Unlike other digital currency protocols, the XRP Ledger also allows users to transact in currencies other than the ledger’s native currency, XRP.


Cleyton Domingues CREATOR, CO-FOUNDER
Alessandra Sena DESIGNER

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