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Alphacon ICO Review : Alphacon will create an ecosystem


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About Alphacon 

Alphacon will create an ecosystem in which individuals can freely exercise their rights in all value chain stages from processing, storage, distribution to utilization, giving back the ownership of healthcare data.And it is Alphacon’s goal to provide health solutions optimized for each individual based on these healthcare big data.

Basic Information

Token NameAlphacon
Token SymbolALP
Social MediaAlphacon ICO Review : Alphacon will create an ecosystemAlphacon ICO Review : Alphacon will create an ecosystemAlphacon ICO Review : Alphacon will create an ecosystem
Soft cap5,000 ETH
Hard cap37,500 ETH
Token for sale7,500,000,000 ALP
CountrySouth Korea
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WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage


Alphacon has adopted block chain technology and cryptocurrency for the big datarevolution in healthcare. Through this, Alphacon will create an ecosystem in which individuals can freely exercise their rights in all value chain stages from processing, storage, distribution to utilization, giving back the ownership of healthcare data.


Alphacon Consortium was formed to carry out Reverse ICO ‘ Alphacon’ project, which is being carried out by my23healthcare, a genetic analysis service company, to advance existing businesses and expand them globally. Alphacon led by Singapore’s Alphacon Network, a leading provider of platform development and operation will lead the Healthcare Big Data revolution.



Hahm Shout Global is a corporation established in Singapore by Hahm Shout, Korea’s leading PR /marketing consultancy, to manage public relations and marketing related to the ICO of Alphacon Network and its future projects. Hahm Shout Global will provide support to ensure that Alphacon Network successfully settles in the Korean and global markets. After ICO, the company in Singapore will actively carry out marketing activities to expand genetic analysis service sales and increase members who will participate in the
ecosystem to Southeast Asia and China.

Smart devices

Health authorities in Korea conducted the first phase of the project, ‘Health Center Mobile
Healthcare’, which collects real-time data on the lifestyles of people through smart devices and mobile applications and provides personalized health care services. The results of the first phase of the project was evaluated as a success in that participants continue to use smart devices and applications to remain healthy even after the end of the project.

Data distribution

Alphacon is a block chain-based distribution and solution platform created to address problems in the healthcare big data industry. When an individual agrees to provide and distribute data on genes, functional medicine, immunity tests, and life log to the platform, Alphacon gives ALP, a cryptocurrency, to the individual in return. Personal healthcare data is encrypted and securely stored in an external cloud storage, and if a pharmaceutical company purchases it, individuals will be given ALP. Transaction history of healthcare data is transparently managed because it is disclosed to the block chain based on Ethereum-based protocol.

Contract layer

It is a layer that stores the data that must be guaranteed transparency and integrity, such as status related to ALP transactions, the access authority of the DB, and that fulfills contracts. The data needed to make the platform transparent and seamless is recorded on the Ethereum block chain network, and Smart Contract is deployed on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) in order to enable this. Smart Contract consists of two types according to their purpose and characteristics.

Tight security

As with the case of the aforementioned American insurance company Anthem, security of data on the existing platform was a big issue because it contained identifiable personal information. However, the Alphacon platform can reduce this burden by using block chain.
Because only non-identifying information is stored in the data storage, you can know which account the data belongs to by using an anonymous block chain network, but you cannot know who owns the account. Thus, even if there is no perfect security, the damage to data providers can be minimized when data is leaked. In addition, the collection, transaction, use, and disposal steps of all personal information


Siwon Hahm CEO / FOUNDER
Ah Sung Gil CTO
Sung Min Jo COO

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