Alprockz Ico Review : Rokcz Is World Most Bulletproof Cryptocurrency

About Alprockz

Alprockz is a cryptocurrency backed by Swiss Francs, the most stable national currency which has been steadily strengthening for more than 30 years! For every issued ROCKZ, 1 Swiss Franc is held by the ROCKZ company for the coin holders’ account.

Alprockz is stable, permanently backed by fiat and doesn’t have unnecessary counterparty, market or security risks. This makes ROCKZ a reliable tool for a wide range of investors willing to fix their profit and hold it in ROCKZ during turbulent times.

Basic Information

Token NameAlprockz
Token Symbol===
Social MediaAlprockz Ico Review : Rokcz Is World Most Bulletproof Cryptocurrency
Token total===
RestrictionNo Restriction
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Use Rockz

Crypto Investor

Private Investors who have successfully made investments in digital assets and are willing to protect their wealth from risks related to the main cryptocurrencies. ROCKZ offers them a safe harbour for their wealth during volatile markets.

Institutional investors

Institutional investors are constantly growing their presence in the crypto world which is new for them. ROCKZ offers a way for such investors to pause between periods of investment activity both short and long term, without completely exiting the crypto market.

Crypto Service

Alprockz is ideally suitable for corporates, service providers, and private individuals, who wish to receive payments in cryptocurrencies for their work / services, but are unwilling to take the market risk related to main coins.


ROCKZ will be useful and convenient for miners who will be able to convert on a regular basis their mined crypto assets into ROCKZ, which will decrease their market risk and allow them to transfer fiat whenever they need to cover their costs.


APZ holders holding at least 300 Swiss Francs (CHF 300) in equivalent APZ or 500 APZ will have basic access to the ROCKZ platform.

Credit Card Insurance

APZ holders holding at least 900 Swiss Francs (CHF 900) in equivalent APZ or 1,500 APZ will be able to apply for a credit card with our partner bank in Switzerland. The Swiss Franc limit of the card will have to be pledged by the coin holders in ROCKZ with ROCKZ AG.

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Loan Facility

APZ holders holding at least 1,800 Swiss Francs (CHF 1,800) in equivalent APZ or 3,000 APZ will be able to apply for guarantees issuance. The amount of the guarantee will have to be pledged by the coin holders in ROCKZ with ROCKZ AG.


APZ will be available for trading on selected exchanges. As APZ value is related to the usage of the ROCKZ platform, it is expected that contributors will be long-term holders of APZ. New ROCKZ users will be able to buy APZ tokens on exchanges.

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Token Generation Event

Alprockz AG, in order to develop ROCKZ, issues a utility token, called Alprockz or APZ. Alprockz token is an Ethereum ERC20 token. The one-time amount issued will be up to 175 million APZ. APZ tokens not distributed will be burned. The issue price will be:




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