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About Amchart

AMCHART is a universal electronic health record (EHR) that’s poised to change the way access patient and provider records. It utilizes blockchain technology to eliminate the current problems with record systems, improving portability and migration of information, as well as transparency and accessibility. The main objectives are for patients to have full control over their health records, and providers to have increased confidence that blockchain technology can provide to finally make the system whole.

Basic Information

Token NameAMC
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AcceptingETH, BTC, LTC, NEO
CountryUnited States of America
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Project Timeline

All the timelines are tentative in nature and require the ability to forge the blockchain/API/apps required for initial phases along with testing for function in real-world environments.  AMCHART already has connections with medical practices and ancillary facilities to work in a test environment and help  team to create the proper procedures for the new token system.  Access to the system and how the token will gain its usage will be determined by the guidance from providers and patients.

Technical Specification

AMCHART will be built on Hyperledger Sawtooth lake platform. The platform is designed to make smart contracts safe for consortia. The advantage of Sawtooth is that its highly modular and the data model are implemented in a transaction family. This feature allows the flexibility to build custom transaction families that can help specific domain like healthcare.


Analytics platform ingests data from various sources including AMCHART Core, partner datasets and wellness data from providers. There will be API interfaces to ingest additional datasets from other constituents in the future.


Provider Relationship

Patients, providers and other entities are actors in the system. Records represent items like ADT records, HL7 messages such as CCR, CDA, FHIR resource, etc.  There are opportunities to partner with existing blockchain technology companies to smooth the transition of these data messages and the team will examine whether they can integrate that into a platform.

Blockchain partnership

As the development team of AMCHART looks to change the way  share healthcare records and information,  must also look towards other companies working on related products and work towards solidifying the healthcare landscape.

Centric Approch

Being that AMCHART will be patient-centric, with strong provider involvement to help build the medical record, The have a responsibility to market to patients first and payers providers second.


Aman Quadri CEO
Chokha Palayamkottai CTO
Chen-Hung (Jim) Hsieh ADVISOR
Rajnish Prasad ADVISOR

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