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Amon.tech Ico Review : Token Crowdsale Info

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About Amon.tech

Amon.tech Card project aims to bring cryptocurrencies to people’s daily life through a user-friendly
wallet and the support of Amon.tech Artificial Intelligence system. Amon.tech goal is to help people use cryptocurrencies in their daily life just like they do with Fiat currencies.

This will benefit the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem. In fact, by incentivizing the user of cryptocurren-
cies in their daily life, the industry will gain more acceptance amongst regulators that remain sceptical. In order to reach this goal, Amon card will introduce to the market functionalities, that will spur the user
adoption by improving two fundamental aspects of the cryptocurrency conversion process:

Amon Card is a revolutionary debit card that allows real time conversion from cryptocurrencies to
Fiat currencies. The card holder does NOT need to convert the cryptocurrencies to Fiat before actually
spending it. Cryptocurrencies are converted in real time to Fiat currency at the moment of the payment. It
works with BTC, ETH, LTC, ERC-20 and more will be implemented with new releases.

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Basic Information

ICO Dates
March 4th 2018 To April 4th 2018
Restricted Countries
United States
Initial Token Price
Funds in Escrow?

Token Sale

“Amon Intelligence System can merge financial models considering current and expected returns
of crypto currencies. It is a tool that will be constantly improved to help users to make decisions,
control market volatility and optimize their portfolio ́s profit margins while ensuring we don’t
claim to make any exact predictions”

Token benefits

The launch of AMN token will make possible the continual improvements of the Amon wallet and the
Amon Intelligence system. We have developed a benefit and extra-services plan for AMN tokens holders.


Benefits in Customer Service

Customer Service is an important added value that Amon wants to provide to Amon card users. The
Crypto industry has such an escalation in the number of users that many platforms have not been able to
deal with the growth and started to treat users with negligence and no culpability or assured protection,
affecting the growth of the industry as a whole.In Amon we plan to have a customer service team for Amon card users and a dedicated customer service
team only for AMN token holders.


Users of the Amon Gold and Platinum Card will receive 0.5% from each transaction they make
with the Amon Card in the form of AMN tokens (similar to how users are rewarded with air-miles).
This incentive for users of the Amon Card will have a great benefit to existing token holders
since this recurring redistribution of tokens will create an additional demand for tokens in the market.


  • Daniele Izzo – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Cristian Izzo – Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Valerio Sudrio – Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
  • Samantha Jewel – Advisor & Investor
  • Pacien Boisson – Full Stack Blockchain Developer
  • Abdullah Salim – Digital Marketing Strategist & Blockchain Marketing Consultant
  • Jules Goulle – Software Architect & Full Stack Blockchain Developer

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