Arcblock Wallet Review : The Easy Way to Build Blockchain Applications

About Arcblock

ArcBlock is a platform for building and deploying decentralized blockchain applications. It bills itself as a complete blockchain 3.0 product platform to build, deploy and manage Apps easily. The ABT ERC-20 token functions as payment in the Arcblock ecosystem. A complete blockchain 3.0 product platform to build, deploy and manage Apps easily.

Built with Developers in Mind

Developer Ready

The development framework features hundreds of open-source components, flexible SDKs and documentation.

Fast & Scalable

Test and proven to improve your apps performance including support, education and a network of partners to help you every step of the way.

Blockchain Ready

Easily develop apps using the blockchain of your choice with ready to use blockchain components and dev tools including public or private chains.

Easy to Use

They give you everything you need and make building Dapps effortless. They  handle the dirty work behind the scenes so you don’t have to.

Community Ecosystem

Tools, technologies, cloud partners, consultants that help empower you.

How Does Arcblock Work

It’s extremely important not to confuse ArcBlock’s tech with companies like Ethereum. ArcBlock’s objective is not to create new blockchains or to make companies use its own blockchain like it is the case for Ethereum.

The company wants to create solutions to be used in the current blockchains which are already in the market right now. One of the company’s focus will be to give the users a great user experience in the apps that it will help people to develop.

ArcBlock will work much more like a platform service than necessarily like a software program or a group of APIs. This company’s platform is the combination of blockchain technology and cloud computing to develop.

1. Tezor Wallet

A popular hardware Bitcoin wallet that functions as a USB dongle, Trezor allows users to safely access their cryptocurrency even on insecure computers. It operates on a “Zero Trust” basis using multiple layers of security to minimize any risk of assets being compromised by a third party. The Trezor Wallet is integrated with crypto exchange services such as ShapeShift, Changelly, CoinSwitch, ChangeNow, and AirSwap. Copay and MyEtherWallet compatibility allows Trezor users to take advantage of its superior security. The wallet is available in two models: Trezor One and Trezor Model.

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2. Ledger 

The Ledger Hardware wallet provides access to the world’s leading digital currencies, and supports many others. It features a 3.5-inch color touchscreen and Bluetooth capabilities. Ledger also offers high-level security, a user-friendly interface, and integrations with several exchange services. The companion software Ledger Live is available on all desktop devices. The Ledger Hardware wallet is available in two models: Ledger Nano S / Ledger Blue.

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Tips for securely storing your ArcBlock

  • Do your own research. Before sending any coins or private data to a wallet, make sure you have researched the wallet provider to make sure everything is above board. Keep an eye out for scam wallets, such as those using URLs only slightly different to the URLs of legitimate wallet providers, and check out some independent reviews for all the pros and cons.
  • Back it up. Make use of your wallet’s back-up and restore facility so that if something ever goes wrong with your wallet, you’ll be able to recover your funds.
  • Set a strong password. Now is not the time to be lazy when creating a password; take your time to create a strong and uncrackable code.
  • Make use of all available security features. Make the most of all the security features your wallet offers, such as two-factor authentication or multi-signature transactions. It’ll offer increased protection for your funds and greater peace of mind for you.
  • Update your antivirus software. Take care to regularly update the antivirus protection and anti-malware software on any device you will be using to access your wallet.
  • Keep your private keys private. Last but not least, don’t underestimate the importance of your private keys. Store them somewhere safe and don’t share them with anyone else.
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