Arciris Ico Review : World’s First Mining Project To Protect The Environment


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About Arciris 

Arciris ecosystem is the world’s first mining project to protect the environment through a unique energy concept, making bitcoin mining not only highly profitable,utilizes the power of nature. Arc Iris Hydrogen is a group of people working to develop innovative solutions in field of water treatment and complementary forms of energy to make these technologies accessible to all. With one of its first projects, Arciris Hydrogen has set itself the goal of implementing a next-generation integrated project for state-of-the-art environmental-friendly cryptocurrency mining. Sustainable and proven methods are used that significantly increase the benefits for the environment as well as for the miner himself.

Token Basic Information

Token Name Arciris
Token Symbol ACI
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Telegram
Soft cap
$ 1,000,000
Hard cap $ 15,000,000
Available for sale
750,000,000 ACI (75%)
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage


  • Extreme environmental impact

  • Shortage of resources​

  • Tied at locations​

  • Low mining yields​

  • High maintenance fees​


  • Arciris Hydrogen has an effective and innovative model to successfully address the current mining community’s resource, environmental and energy issues.
  • Arciris system focuses on the synergy effects of solar power and the recently rediscovered energy sources, hydrogen. Almost unrestricted access to these primary energy sources is a guarantee of success for our mining technology.
  • Through a brilliant combination of photovoltaic and fuel cell technology, we can significantly reduce the external power input to the mining systems, making such activities much cheaper and more attractive.

Why Choose Arciris

  • Latest and high-end mining hardware
  • Fastest mining hardware
  • Low cost of operations
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Cheaper hardware due to large-scale purchases
  • Great user interface
  • Mining of alternative currencies (Altcoins)
  • Reliable and trustworthy mining partner
  • Facility to switch the mining power to mine any of the cryptocurrencies available with us, providing you the much needed flexibility to avail emerging market opportunities.
  • Negligible downtime as various technicians to take care of the ongoing mining operations and solve any issues instantly.

How Its work

Arciris Coin

The ACI coin is intended as a means of payment for various projects dealing with water treatment systems and hydrogen technologies and is also used for cashback programs.

In conjunction with a fast growing community and a variety of activities, the ACI Coin will quickly establish and grow in value.

Arciris Multi-Currency Wallet

Arciris has developed a dedicated multi-currency wallet to store and manage digital currencies with ease and safety. It is a high security and decentralized multi-currency wallet to offer hassle-free services for the community. Arc Iris is constantly implementing enhanced security features to eliminate unauthorized access to your wallet. It keeps your funds secure, and saves you from threats or hacks.

Arc Iris Wallet Features:

  • SAFE – Private keys are stored only with the users to ensure maximum security.
  • HD WalletArciris supports Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallet which comes with 2 FA. HD wallet, based on 12-word master seed key and random 128 bit value system, brings extra security against attacks.
  • CCSS – The Cryptocurrency Security Standards (CCSS) involves 10 security aspects to ensure that customer transactions and cryptocurrencies are held to high levels of transparency and security.
  • Cold Storage – It keeps the private keys offline and goes online with a watching-only wallet.
  • Multiple Digital AssetArciris supports ACI, BTC, ETH, LTC, ZEC, and all ECR20 tokens. More digital assets are continuously added.
  • Paper Wallet – Arc Iris supports paper wallet.

Initial Coin Offering

Arciris aim to raise 30 million USD. The objective for raising the funds is to start an integrated cryptocurrency mining facility. It has strong business model backed by efficient cryptocurrency mining operations with steady and visible future cash flows and profits. It is determined that up to 1 billion coins will be issued with a nominal price of $0.1 USD. The coin distribution is pre-dominantly in favor of the common investors who are allocated 60% of the ACI Coins through the crowd-sale.



Nikolay Davidenko, CEO
Myroslav Vakulyuk, CFO
Oleg Olefirenko, COO
Vansh Tah, Blockchain Architect
Akshat Verma, MEAN Stack Developer

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