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Armacoin ICO Review : GZM coin is specially designed for advertising companies


About Armacoin 

Armacoin GZM coin is specially designed for advertising companies, as well as various media, as well as various greetings registered on the basis of blockchain. Each new message will not be overwritten by the previous one, but will be supplemented. These advertisers can be quite a lot and each of them will receive payment for their advertising message.

Basic Information

Token NameArmacoin
Token Symbol=====
Social MediaArmacoin ICO Review : GZM coin is specially designed for advertising companiesArmacoin ICO Review : GZM coin is specially designed for advertising companiesArmacoin ICO Review : GZM coin is specially designed for advertising companies
Token supply1,000,000,000
Token price0.0004 ETH
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Armacoin goal is to save our planet and help people lead a healthy lifestyle, play sports, enjoy every moment. It is for this purpose that have developed environmental mining for this token, which has made it possible to mine this token using applications for various gadgets, such as smart smart watches, pedometers, fitness bracelets and even electric cars. The mining of this coin is also unique in that it allows you to generate GZM tokens with low power renewable energy.


This leaves most of the green energy to feed into the network, while the miner takes advantage of the opportunity to acquire new tokens. Armacoin are also developing applications for this smart contract and will give the opportunity to mine these tokens using renewable energy sources, various gadgets with installed pedometers, electric vehicles, fitness bracelets and much more.


Digital asset

Armacoin is a digital asset expressed in the form of a cryptographic algorithm in a decentralized distributed database ( Blockchain ) and confirming the right to purchase goods by the Buyer in the framework of the partner program “ Limerence ” Ltd. for the amount corresponding to the value of Armacoin a . Armacoin is not a currency, security or means of payment in the territory of the Russian Federation. The sole issuer of armacoin s is the Company.


The company transfers armacoin s to users on the basis of contracts concluded on the terms of a public offer in accordance with art. 435 and art. 437 of the Civil Code. Such agreements are the Agreement for the sale of armacoin s, which is a contract of sale (gl.30 Civil Code), as well as the purchase agreement armacoinov, who is unnamed contract in accordance with paragraph Art of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and p.5 of the Resolution of the Plenum of the Supreme Court of Arbitration.


According to the Charter Ltd. “Limerence”, the state registration of the Company and its principal place of business is Russia, g. Moscow. All contracts underlying the Armacoin Loyalty Program are governed by Russian law. The benefits of Russian jurisdiction for all participants of the Program are due to the following reasons at the moment the Loyalty Program is only starting its effect, the main circle of its participants are citizens of the Russian Federation and legal entities registered in the Russian Federation whose legal status is fully or largely based on the norms of Russian law.


In accordance with this agreement, the Company undertakes to provide the User with the right to use the Platform in the manner determined by this agreement and the rules published on the Internet on the official website of the Company (https://Armacoin.bio). Users are Partners (farmer enterprises selling products under the Loyalty Program) and Customers (individuals who buy products from Partners), as well as the Company itself in cases where it acts as a Partner.

Legal status

General Characteristics armacoin s Armacoiny are digital asset and represent a cryptographic algorithm in a decentralized distributed database ( blokcheyn ). Currently in the Russian Federation there is no special legal regulation regarding digital assets. The similarity of armacoin and with other objects of civil law. The thing: The digital asset “
armacoin ” can be an object of sale , barter and donation and is intended, first of all, for use in the framework of the loyalty program and Ltd.



Dima Barsu Chernov DEVELOPER BY CEO
Victor Maslenikov HEAD OF MARKETING

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