Ativehash Bitcoin Mining Review: Better Machines for Better Performance

About Ativehash

Ativehash company has experience and competence when it comes to cryptocurrency mining. What they are offering here is a processing power sharing service so that anyone can of and have the possibility of obtaining excellent yields by mining the most profitable cryptocurrencies of the moment.

Ativehash consulted more than 8 professionals, in the area of high-performance mining with reduced risks. The team is formed not only by analysts and technicians in IT, but also by professionals from different areas of interest, as this improves the performance of the project. It is because of this approach that they manage the business successfully.

Every willing person of a legal age in his country of residence can become client. Also this person must comply with the requirements of the legislation in force of his/her country. Yes, company is officially registered in the Brasil. You can see the certificate confirming this in the “About the company” section. The company manages and maintains cryptocurrency mining stations and sells processing power to people around the world to have the ability to mine.

Ativehash Free Investment

Ativehash Free Investment

Cloud mining company

Antonio Melone e Leandro Guilhermano, are the founders of the project. Both have the same view on the cryptocurrency market and how profitable that market can be. The project started with an idea on a social network, and gradually took shape until it became what it is today.

Mining is the most profitable way to make a profit

Ativehash Bitcoin Mining have no doubt that cryptocurrency mining is a profitable business and many people think so too. That is why the idea of creating a project that offers people the necessary processing power service so that they can earn income from cryptocurrency mining is very well accepted.

The Free trial for 7 days

The free trial for 7 days aims to bring confidence in the project and offer the user the experience of how the dynamics of the operation works. Earnings earned during the free trial period are saved to your personal account, and can only be withdrawn after joining a paid plan.

Why Choose Ativehash

Legal Company

Ativehash is a company that has an official registration in the Brasil jurisdiction and performs its activities on completely legal basis.

Easy Dashboard

Easy-to-manage utility with intuitive interface of the personal account dashboard will help you to purchase company’s hash power and withdraw accrued profit.

Minimum Amount

Ativehash Bitcoin Mining minimum purchase price for a mining plan is $ 40 USD. You can buy a mining plan by creating an account on website, choosing on your client panel the option to BUY Mh/s, choosing the amount and method of payment.


Profitability is not dependent on Ative Hash, but on the cryptocurrency market, we just do the mining and pass on the respective mining gains to customers who have purchased a plan. Currently the profitability is varying between 0.10% and 1% per day, but this can change over time, more or less, not how to guarantee that you will always have a good profitability, what we guarantee is the mining service.


Ativehash Bitcoin Mining do not limit the maximum withdrawal amount, but the minimal withdrawal can be from 1$. To receive your withdrawal request use the same method you used to pay the plan. Ex. If you paid for the plan using BTC, then withdraw your earnings into a BTC wallet.


Ativehash project does not provide any fees for financial transactions of its users. Nevertheless, the commission can be withdrawn by the payment system that you use for the operation.

Affiliate Program

Users can use the referral link to advertise the service and receive a 3% commission whenever a new customer purchases a mining plan. The payment system that was used to pay the plan.


Ativehash technical support service works daily, but the working hours for weekdays and weekends are different. From Monday to Friday – from 9:30 to 19:00 GMT, on Saturday and Sunday – from 10:30 to 19: 00GMT.

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