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One of Coinworldstory's longest-tenured contributors, and now one of our news,ico,hyip editors, Verna has authored over 4100+ stories for the site. When not writing or editing, He likes to play basketball, play guitar or visit remote places. Verna, to his regret, holds a very small amount of digital currencies.

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The Exchange has its own native cryptocurrency, called the STH token. The tick value of each SuperEthereum market is 1 STH token, meaning that all trading profits and losses are denominated in STH tokens.... Ico Review : Data verification and proof services.

About is a blockchain, Ethereum and token-based service that turns data into immutable proof of evidence chains.Evident-proof.comaim to deliver immutable data, provenance and proof services to businesses and enable proof and provenance services to individuals.... Ico Review :The People’s Bank of Blockchain

About is a crypto currency and fiat payment gateway for e-shopsthat can be easily accessed through web and mobile app versions. It will provide IBAN (International bank Account Number) to every user of ENTRY... Ico Review : The Eco-friendly Crypto Mining Solution

About The Project will be initially carried out and conducted in Queensland, Australia. We provide a ‘green’ cryptocurrency mining solution to the world. Using solely renewable energy sources including wind turbine, solar and hydro power... Ico Review : Returning the wisdom to the crowd

About is the Blockchain’s first sentiment analysis platform with an open API for 3rd party apps. It utilizes distributed sentiment analysis and AI algorithms to create a Real-Time crowd wisdom ecosystem and sophisticated business intelligence...

Nova Ico Review : The Advanced Research Projects Agency Network

About Nova Ico Nova Ico Right from the time when the military safety net- The Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET) was transformed to the Civilian Internet to this date, the Internet technology has been central... Ico Review : The Esports Market

About United is a crowdfunded and crowdgoverned esports team. We use blockchain to create a decentralized corporation that is fully transparent. Tokenholders utilize our token in order to vote, participate in bounties, and receive dividends.... Ico Review : Fast growing markets of blockchain and ERP systems

About is a project for the development of decentralized software for inspection and quality control in the food industry covering the whole sphere of food products and drinks, including alcoholic ones. The system is aimed at... Review : 50% Profit for 72 Hours.

Recent Payment Statues - Not Paying About The modern automated platform. Begin to gain income that is capable to execute your true desires with little effort. in rental properties has proven to create wealth for those...



Colletrix Ico Review : Colletrix uses blockchain technology to create new market value for all ecosystem stakeholders

About Colletrix  Colletrix is backed by a talented team from UNDONE, Animoca Brands, Future Arena and Bitwork Accelerator. UNDONE will bring its merchandising expertise to...

Venethor Ico Review : The first blockchain coin, that applies in a holding company

About Venethor  Venethor is the first blockchain coin, that applies in a holding company which invests through its subsidiaries in different sectors like investments in...

BimCoin Ico Review : BimCoin is the new world token for wealth exchange

About BimCoin Bimcoin is the first token in Nigeria and in Africa. The meaning of BIM is Biggest Interwealth Movement and we have a Non-Government...

Goloud Ico Review : Upload music videos and songs or enjoy ad-free music-listening Experience

About Goloud  With Youtube being cluttered with all kinds of content and Soundcloud being stuck in the past decade, artists are left with no other... Casino Review :

About This strange looking bunch are the team behind BacanaPlay casino. They work hard to provide you guys with the best online casino experience....