Axltea Ico Review : Blockchain technology opening of decentralized

About Axltea 

AXL is Reverse ICO based on performance agency and corrects the performance culture sports ticket market, currently being exploited due to illegal expedient reselling,through the blockchain technology. We aim to form a clean ticket culture, where all the producers, artists, athletes and customers are able to coexist without having trouble. AXL project aims to become a ‘key currency’ on global entertainment contents consumption market and recover the ticket market which infringes consumer’s right by ticket scalping and touts that sums to amout of around 17.6 billion USD.

Basic Information

Token NameAXL
Token SymbolAXL
Social MediaAxltea Ico Review : Blockchain technology opening of decentralized Axltea Ico Review : Blockchain technology opening of decentralized Axltea Ico Review : Blockchain technology opening of decentralized
Token for sale190,000,000 AXL (50%)
Soft cap57,000,000 USD
Hard cap===
ResectionNo restrictions
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AXL Coin, headed with blockchain technology which leads the 4th industrial revolution, engages into comfortable consumption on overall cultural industry content such as movies, theaters, musical, concerts, songs and sports, while becoming the key currency in consuming all contents above. They have developed the application embedded with distinguished ‘AXL wallet application (blockchain payment gateway system)’, with the purpose of protecting the rights of consumers and of increasing the profit ratio. Using
this, we introduced AXL Coin as the derivative currency which is comfortable to exchange with the AXL Online Point.

Market Scope

There is a growing tendency of taking more importance in leisure inhuman lives and of seeking ‘joy’ according to improved economic condition.Status of cultural industry, which creates knowledge and information, is getting highlighted due to reinforced protection over intellectual properties. Demand on products from entertainment and sports industries
is shown to be rapidly increasing.


Market Issues

It is described as the ‘Lack of transparency on information’ due to centralization, such as copyright management issues, profit estimation and distribution issues: copyright information leakage, partial profit distribution, late estimation, lack of estimation data.
they believe that the artists have the reason to fairly require their own rights, based on ‘transparent and opened information’. If the artists can directly check the contents usage condition in real time or in a cumulative sense.

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Wallet Applications

This is the integrated entertainment platform service, which supplements the issues in existing entertainment markets, and provides all the related service required by consumers, producers and creators in the culture contents market such as performance, sports, movies and exhibitions, into AXL.

Technical Features

Currently, blockchain technology has passed the ‘blockchain 1.0 era’ along with Bitcoin (initial stage with a simple listing function which recorded movement of goods), and the ‘blockchain 2.0 era’ along with Ethereum (development stage which presented various types of platforms and associated potential using the smart contract). It now desires the hyper-connected society, the keyword for the 4th industrial revolution, by connecting multiple data and contents to blockchain technology with various methods. ‘Blockchain 3.0 era’ is coming, where the high performance and high efficiency blockchain technology is in propagation and acceleration, aiming to improve competitiveness in all industries.

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Transactions  Feed

Transaction speed is becoming a major issue in the platforms based on Ethereum at the moment. Higher transaction speed leads to lack of security. Higher security leads to reducing transaction speed.



Sang Hoon Kwon TEAM AXL CTO
Soo Jong Jung ADVISOR

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