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About Baguette

Baguette aims at providing a platform that offers various ways of earning returns, including through staking without the risk of being exposed to Impermanent Loss. The goal of Baguette is to bring solutions that can be found on other platforms like the Binance Smart Chain, such as staking pools but running on the most decentralized network, Avalanche. Baguette has airdropped a total of 18,062,500 BAG to AVAX stakers.

Baguette snapshot of users staking on their own node or delegating to another one was taken on April 25, at 12:00 Paris Time, in which a total of 7,225 eligible addresses received 2,500 BAG each. The tokens have already been distributed to users’ X-chain Avalanche wallet in the form of fake tokens and users have to swap it to a C-chain wallet before May 31st, 2021, at 12:00 pm UTC+2 to be able to claim the rewards.

Token NameBaguette
Total Supply250,000,000 BAG
Max. ParticipantsUnlimited
KYCKYC Is Not requirement
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Token Per Claim2,500 BAG
Collect AirdropClick Here To Collect Free Airdrop

How To Join Baguette Airdrop

First Step

Baguette has distributed free BAG tokens to AVAX stakers.

Second step

Anyone who was staking AVAX on his own node or delegating to another one during the snapshot were eligible.

Third Step

The snapshot was taken on April 25, at 12:00 Paris Time, in which a total of 7,225 eligible addresses received 2,500 BAG each in the form of fake BAG tokens in their X-chain wallet.

Fourth Step

Eligible participants have to swap their fake BAG tokens from their X-chain wallet to a C-chain wallet before May 31st, 2021, at 12:00 pm UTC+2 to be able to claim the rewards.

Fifth Step

Users must have an Avalanche address on the C-chain with Metamask to be able to swap the tokens. For more information regarding the swap and claim, see this Medium article.

Six Step

For more information regarding the airdrop, see this tweet.

Baguette brings DeFi to Everyone

Max supply 250M

Baguette is not just another inflationary token.

Fair project

They have decided to distribute 85% of the tokens to Baguette users.

Staking & Farming

Baguette is not an ordinary AMM: here, it is up to you to choose whatever you prefer

$BAG Airdrop

To reward the Avalanche community, 10% of the tokens are distributed to validators/delegators.


Swap tokens

By using the swap function on Baguette, you can exchange your tokens amazingly fast thanks to the outstanding performances of the Avalanche network.

  • Trade all of your assets
  • Low fees of transaction
  • Incredible speed of the Avalanche Network


Baguette allows users to add liquidity to pools. By adding liquidity, you receive BGL tokens (LP tokens of Baguette) that you can lock to earn BAG.

  • Gain the highest yield possible
  • Earn a part of the 0.3% on each transaction


Baguette brings to the table the possibility for its users to simply stake AVAX or BAG and earn passive income in BAG. Once you have staked your assets, you can earn rewards and grow them by accumulating these rewards with your holdings.

  • No Impermanent Loss
  • Safest way to earn BAG

2.5M BAG tokens will be effectively distributed during the first month of existence of Baguette to the users of the Baguette platform. At the end of the first month, the second batch of rewards will be decided and announced by the team.Our ultimate goal is to have a controlled inflation, meaning that rewards should decrease over time to allow a healthy growth of the BAG token and reward BAG holders and the community through token price appreciation.


MetaMask will ask you to first approve the Baguette app to interact with your tokens. Afterwards, you will then be able to confirm the transaction. First check that your gas fee is set to exactly: 225 gwei. If it is, retry the transaction. If it doesn’t go through, try resetting your Metamask by Clicking the account icon on the top-right corner of MetaMask → Select Settings → Select Advanced → Scroll down and click Reset Account. Please note, resetting your account will not disrupt your funds or wallet address.


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