Bee All Design Affiliates Program Review: 15% Monthly Recurring Commission

by Cws Team

About Bee All Design Affiliates Program

Bee All Design Affiliates Program will transform the way you look at design with flat rate monthly fee and awesome designs. Join affiliate program and earn 15% monthly recurring commission with! With custom system, you arrange your design jobs in the design queue, putting the top priority job to the top of your design queue, and this is the very next job they will do for you and so on.

Unlike other services, they will not make you wait until this job is complete before moving on to the next project if it’s only something like a minor text change. At Bee All Design, worker bees like to stay busy and will start working on the next task for you. No need to buy a more expensive package to get work done at a reasonable pace. However, if you need multiple jobs completed simultaneously or need higher daily output, then you should look at our other packages.

Key Points Of Bee All Design Affiliates Program

AffiliateKey Points
Affiliate Program TypeBee All Design Affiliates Program
Commission15% monthly recurring commission
Min Payment£25
Payment MethodBACS, Check, PayPal
Official WebsiteHomepage

How To Join Bee All Design Affiliate Program

Join Bee All Design Affiliate Program Is Very Easy Task Just Follow Below Guidelines .

  • First Visit Bee All Design Affiliate Program Affiliate Program Pages .
  • Click On Join Or Sign Up Button On Website .
  • Fill All Necessary Details Like Your Name , Email , Etc . Fill All Data Correctly .
  • Next Submit Forms .
  • Once You Approved By Bee All Design Team You Can Now Login To Your Account And Click On Affiliate Option On Website .
  • Now It Is Time To Create and Share your referral links
  • When someone signs up or registers an account on Bee All Design with your referral link, you can get up to 50% commission every time they complete a trade. So hurry up, join the program now.

Dedicated Designer

Unlike other services, they match you with the best designer for the job you requested. Not every designer can do every style of design, so why give you a “dedicated” designer for a job they can’t do instead of someone who has spent years doing that style of design.

Design Task

No problem, when requesting your design job, ask for that designer as your first preference. Note that you will only see the names of designers who have done jobs for you in the past. Also, understand that they might be on other tasks. They will add you to their priority queue, but it might take a little longer because of their current workload/holidays. Please understand if the designer has little experience in the job you are requesting, they will recommend another designer in colony who is better suited to the task at hand.

Bee All Design Affiliates Program

Once you’re happy with the design, you mark it off as complete. If it needs changes made, no problem, they will keep making changes while you remain a client until your 100% happy.

Unlike other services, they will also have started work on your next job if it was only minor changes you requested. It stops you having the next job delayed because you only wanted a small bit of text changed in the last one.

New Businesses / Start-Ups

You lucky bee. When I started my first business, it cost me a fortune to get a logo designed. Then I need business cards designed. I needed headed paper (back in my day businesses sent letters to each other in the post; I know crazy), compliment slips, leaflets.

While I could put a website together as I trained myself in HTML/CSS I had to fork out more money for some design elements, oh and the designers never gave me the original files, so every change I needed I had to go back to them and cost me yet more money.

At Bee All Design we have got you covered. Let us help your business grow with brilliant design and a flat-rate affordable monthly fee without the headaches and costs of employing a designer or interviewing loads of freelancers, only for you to need to find a new one the next job you have.

Small To Medium Businesses (SMEs)

Do you need design work but can’t justify a full or even a part-time designer? You probably did what I did, hired a freelancer and that’s ok, but you need to advertise or find someone for that one job, and that takes time. When you go back looking for additional work, the freelancer is nowhere to be seen, as they just got a full-time job or summer is over, and they are back at school.

With Bee All Design, we will ‘Bee’ here for you when you need. It’s a flat-rate monthly fee, suddenly little design jobs you would have tried hacking together yourself, wasting your valuable time working on your business, instead of in it. With Bee All Design you’re sending off your requests to the hive and getting designs back the very next business day, saving you time and money.

Social Media Agency / Creative Agency

Is your high paid designer working on minor jobs the client wants, when they should work on the more significant, more complex tasks the client needs? They have got your back, send your small jobs to the hive. Have one of our highly skilled worker bees complete these jobs for you.

You bill the client as if you did the work and the best part is we supply the source files, so minor changes your client asks for months down the line that will be quicker to do yourself than to request from Bee All Design (but you still can if you have an active account) you can do without having to recreate the job.

The flexibility of always having the source files means you can do minor changes straight away.

Bee All Design will become an essential part of your team, but you can move away at any time, as you have downloaded all the source files with each job you assign us, you can carry on servicing these clients.


Bee All Design (US)

Flat-Rate Graphic Design Service

Are you looking for consistent, high-quality, affordable graphic design work? Bee All Design is your online design team without the employment costs of an in-house designer. We are ready to get started on your projects today!

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