10+ Best AI Resume Builders 2023

by Cws Team

Best AI Resume Builders : out now that help speed up the resume creation process and increase the likelihood of landing employment possibilities. Resumebuild.com, one of the top AI resume builders, uses cutting-edge algorithms to produce customised, expert resumes. Resumebuild.com has an intuitive user interface that enables users to input their information and desired career preferences.

An AI-powered system then analyses the data to produce a well-structured and customised resume. Zety, which is renowned for its user-friendly platform and substantial template library, is another strong contender. Zety’s AI technology helps customers create captivating resumes by recommending pertinent keywords, improving readability, and offering immediate feedback.

Furthermore, Novoresume provides a whole resume-building experience, utilising AI to optimise the content, design, and formatting of resumes. Its user-friendly interface, pre-designed templates, and AI-driven guidance make it a reliable choice for job seekers. Overall, these AI resume builders stand out for their ability to simplify the resume creation process, ensuring that individuals can effectively showcase their skills and qualifications to potential employers.

What Is AI Resume Builders?

Artificial intelligence (AI) resume builders are online services or resources that help people create successful and professional resumes. In order to analyse the data provided by users, such as their work experience, education, skills, and career inclinations,

These builders use machine learning techniques. By choosing the best templates, organising the data, recommending pertinent keywords, and optimising the overall content and design, the AI algorithms create customised resumes using this data.

AI resume builders are designed to accelerate the resume-writing process, saving job seekers time and effort while enhancing the content and presentation of their resumes. These services can help people produce resumes that stand out to potential employers by utilising AI technology. This will boost their chances of getting hired.

Here Is List Of 10+ Best AI Resume Builders

1. Zety Resume Builder

An unique online application called Zety Resume Builder helps job searchers create professional and effective resumes by providing AI-powered resume generation capabilities. Zety offers consumers a seamless and natural experience with its user-friendly interface and huge template library.

Zety Resume Builder

Zety’s AI system analyses the data provided by the user and suggests pertinent keywords and phrases to improve the usefulness of the resume. Additionally, it provides immediate feedback on the resume’s content, organisation, and design to make sure it complies with industry norms and best practises.

Whether they are applying for a creative career or a corporate position, Zety Resume Builder customers can tailor their resumes to their own demands. Zety empowers people with its innovative features and AI-driven coaching to create standout resumes that effectively showcase their skills and qualifications to potential employers.

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2. ResumA.I (Best AI Resume Builders)

ResumA.I offer a smooth and effective resume-building experience to more than 600k people. In order to help you construct a CV that best represents your talents and experience, the platform provides more than 100 customizable options.

The portal offers more than 340 real-world resume templates from leading MNCs like Microsoft, Spotify, and Google. Additionally, it analyses your resume using AI-enabled technology and offers suggestions for changes, such as making it more ATS-friendly and improving the way you employ keywords.

ResumA.I (Best AI Resume Builders)

Additionally, the portal offers career and job search guidance, including interview guidance, techniques for negotiating pay, and sector-specific knowledge.

ResumA.I can start for free, however the free plan only allows for one résumé. Consider that you want a user-friendly resume builder with a lot of options and a simple interface.

3. MyPerfectResume

MyPerfectResume is an online resource that provides resume-building tools and materials to assist people in producing expert and personalised resumes. Users of MyPerfectResume have access to a large selection of editable resume templates, allowing them to pick the style and arrangement that best meets their requirements.


The platform offers a step-by-step procedure that leads users through each component of the resume and includes pre-written advice and examples to assist them properly highlight their abilities, experience, and accomplishments.

MyPerfectResume is a complete tool for job searchers because it also includes extra features like the ability to create cover letters, job search tools, and resources for interview preparation. In order to boost people’s chances of finding jobs, MyPerfectResume strives to streamline the resume-writing process and help people create polished and impactful resumes.

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4. Novoresum (Best AI Resume Builders)

Novoresume is an online tool for building resumes that helps people make polished, eye-catching documents. It offers a user-friendly interface and a huge variety of contemporary, editable layouts. The AI-powered features of Novoresume stand out because they optimise the structure and content of resumes. The software provides recommendations for sections, keywords, and abilities depending on the user’s preferred industries and jobs.

Novoresum (Best AI Resume Builders)

Additionally, it offers in-the-moment feedback and suggestions to enhance the resume’s overall efficacy. Users of Novoresume can quickly add and update parts, input information from LinkedIn, and export the finished document in a number of formats.

The platform also provides resources for job seekers to put together a complete application package, including cover letter templates. With its AI-driven features and user-friendly design, Novoresume is a valuable tool for individuals seeking to create professional resumes that stand out to potential employers.

5. Enhancv Resume builder

An online tool called Enhancv Resume Builder provides a distinctive and eye-catching method for creating resumes. Users may make attractive, up-to-date resumes that effectively highlight their abilities and expertise using Enhancv. To accommodate various industries and career levels, the platform offers a choice of editable templates and design possibilities.

Enhancv Resume builder

The emphasis on storytelling in Enhancv is one of its most notable qualities. It encourages users to employ a narrative approach to highlight their accomplishments and experiences, which results in a resume that is more captivating and memorable. Throughout the CV-building process, Enhancv offers direction and suggestions, assisting users in creating captivating content and employing smart resume structure.

Enhancv Resume Builder goes beyond traditional resume-building tools by focusing on creativity, storytelling, and visual appeal. It empowers users to create standout resumes that grab the attention of employers and effectively communicate their qualifications and potential.

6. CakeResume (Best AI Resume Builders)

CakeResume is an online resume-building tool that provides a cutting-edge method for making expert resumes. Users may make aesthetically stunning, interactive resumes with CakeResume that stand out to potential employers.

One of CakeResume’s standout features is its drag-and-drop editor, which enables users to quickly alter the format, appearance, and content of their resumes. With so many templates and sections available on the platform, it’s simple to customise the resume to suit each person’s demands and tastes.

CakeResume (Best AI Resume Builders)

Additionally, CakeResume offers a selection of media integration options that let users present their projects, portfolio, or work samples immediately within the resume by adding photographs, videos, and links. Job seekers in creative sectors can use this tool to present their work in a visually engaging manner.

7. VisualCV Resume builder

An online tool called VisualCV Resume Builder specialises in producing resumes with a polished, eye-catching appearance. Users may create distinctive resumes using VisualCV that successfully market their abilities and experience.

VisualCV Resume builder

The vast selection of editable templates in VisualCV is one of its most notable features. The platform offers a large selection of contemporary and elegant layouts, allowing customers to choose one that complements their business and personal preferences. Fonts, colours, and formatting can all be easily changed by users to produce a visually appealing resume.

In order to improve resumes, VisualCV also provides extra capabilities including the capability to incorporate multimedia components like photographs, videos, and links. Professionals in creative professions who wish to directly display their portfolio or projects will find this especially helpful.

8. Resume-Now (Best AI Resume Builders)

A professional resume can be easily and quickly created using the tools and resources available on the website Resume-Now. Using the platform’s step-by-step resume builder, users of Resume-Now may select from a wide range of customised templates and easily fill up their information.

Resume-Now (Best AI Resume Builders)

One of Resume-Now’s standout qualities is its user-friendly interface, which enables people with various degrees of technological ability to easily navigate the platform. Users are guided through each component of the resume generator and are prompted to submit their contact information, employment history, education, talents, and other pertinent information.

In order to assist customers in creating interesting and useful resume material, Resume-Now also provides a variety of pre-written content and phrase suggestions. Users can customise their resumes by choosing different font types, colours, and and formatting options.

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9. Jobscan

Job seekers can benefit from Jobscan’s online platform by using it to optimise their resumes and increase the likelihood that Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) will take notice of them. Employers frequently use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to monitor and filter resumes based on predetermined keywords and standards.


Users of Jobscan can verify that their resumes are in line with the required credentials by comparing them to the job descriptions. Jobscan generates a compatibility score that demonstrates how well a resume matches a certain job posting by looking at keywords, abilities, and other pertinent elements.

Users can also use Jobscan’s keyword analysis capability to find important keywords and include them in their resumes, improving the likelihood that their applications will be accepted after the initial ATS screening.

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10. Teal (Best AI Resume Builders)

Teal is a free AI-powered platform that enables users to easily build resumes that are ATS-proof. You can upload a current CV or LinkedIn profile to Teal and further tailor it to your particular job objectives.

Teal AI Resume Builder can assist you in customising your resume to the job posting by decomposing job descriptions into keywords that the ATS machine can rapidly parse.
Additionally, you can receive individualised advice throughout the resume-building process as well as real-time comments from resume professionals.

Teal (Best AI Resume Builders)

With more than 65,000 clients, Teal has earned the trust of job searchers who are now working for prestigious firms like Google, Apple, TikTok, and Spotify.

The website also enables users to manage all of their job applications in one location, doing away with the requirement for various spreadsheets to keep track of them all, which makes it a one-stop-shop for job seekers looking to build a professional resume and streamline their job search process.

Best AI Resume Builders Conclusion

“AI-generated resumes often fall short of meeting industry requirements and are subject to scrutiny by AI detectors used by recruiters. To increase the chances of being hired, it is essential to optimize these resumes. AI Detector Pro offers a solution by identifying and replacing common words with optimized alternatives that align with industry standards. By utilizing this tool, job seekers can create resumes that stand out and increase their chances of getting noticed by recruiters.”

To sum up, AI resume generators have revolutionised the process of creating resumes for job seekers. These ground-breaking platforms make use of artificial intelligence to speed up the resume-creation process, improve the quality and potency of resumes, and raise the likelihood of landing job possibilities.

These platforms, such as Resumebuild.com with its personalised and tailored resume generation, Zety with its user-friendly interface and real-time feedback, Novoresume with its comprehensive resume-building experience, and other AI-powered builders like MyPerfectResume and Enhancv, offer a variety of features to help people create professional and standout resumes.

These resume builders use AI algorithms to optimise content and design, offer helpful advice, and make sure job seekers can successfully market their talents and certifications to prospective employers. Using AI as a resume assistant, job seekers can create resumes that are tailored, visually appealing, and optimized for success in today’s competitive job market.

Best AI Resume Builders FAQ

What are AI resume builders?

AI resume builders are online platforms or tools that utilize artificial intelligence technology to assist individuals in creating professional and effective resumes. These builders analyze the user’s input data, such as work experience, education, skills, and job preferences, and generate tailored resumes with optimized content, design, and formatting.

How do AI resume builders work?

AI resume builders use machine learning algorithms to analyze the user’s input data and match it with relevant templates, keywords, and formatting recommendations. They often provide real-time feedback, suggest improvements, and offer guidance throughout the resume creation process, helping users craft compelling and personalized resumes.

What are the benefits of using AI resume builders?

AI resume builders offer several benefits. They save time and effort by automating the resume creation process. They provide guidance and suggestions to optimize the content and design of resumes, increasing their effectiveness. AI-powered features help tailor resumes for specific job opportunities, and they often include tools to track resume performance and provide insights into user engagement.

Can AI resume builders replace human resume writing services?

While AI resume builders can generate professional and tailored resumes, they may not fully replace human resume writing services. Human writers can provide a more personalized touch, understanding of industry nuances, and the ability to craft unique narratives. However, AI resume builders are valuable tools for individuals looking to create resumes efficiently and effectively.

How accurate are AI resume builders in optimizing resumes for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)?

AI resume builders focus on optimizing resumes for ATS algorithms by analyzing job descriptions, identifying keywords, and suggesting improvements. While they can significantly enhance the chances of passing the initial ATS screening, it’s still important for users to review and tailor their resumes based on specific job requirements to ensure the best possible match.

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