Bexam Ico Review : Next generation blockchain/DAG hybrid platform

About Bexam

Bexam Next generation blockchain/DAG hybrid platform Today, businesses are still operating under vulnerable centralized networks due to the lack of adoptable technology solutions that can handle millions of transactions. BEXAM provides the first-ever solution to blockchain large-scale enterprise databases for more secure, high-speed, and scalable operations.

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Bexamis built on a new consensus-building algorithm called Proof of Rounds. PoR reconciles high speed and scalability with high security. Our next generation blockchain technology finally meets the specifications required for the implementation of blockchain into core centralized systems of large-scale businesses.

The brand new consensus-building algorithm Proof of Rounds

PoR solves current challenges of existing protocols including block time, transaction speed, and scalability, while maintaining fairness, zero-downtime and anti-counterfeit measures.

PoR has 3 unique characteristics

  • Approval of transactions by permutations
  • ・Optimization of processes by assigning roles using a node hierarchy
  • ・Construction of a unique network that distributes information efficiently

These unique methodologies together build an ultra high speed and safe network structure.


Bexam focus is not to become a simple payment solution, but rather to provide solutions for enterprises in an effort to partially or completely replace their centralized databases with blockchain solutions. By superseding the core database structure, which is the ‘engine’ of each business, enterprises will gain trust and credibility ith BEXAM’s secure network.  The node design architecture allows the ‘engine’ to be connected to the entire business chain through blockchain for secure, high-speed and scalable daily operations.


They believe the best way to prove technology is to let you experience it firsthand. The BEXAM Exchange will be the first iteration of BEXAM’s capabilities, and will provide a secure and stress-free user experience.


Satoshi Kobayashi Founder and CEO

Yuki Sakaori Co-Founder and COO

Mario Yearwood CTO

Dean Morris CRO

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