Bibox Global Meeting will be held in Singapore to discuss the blockchain development and development

biobox September 8th, Beijing time, the Bibox Global Meeting will be held at the Singapore Management University. The theme of the meeting will focus on the “landing and application of blockchain technology”. The meeting was held by Bibox and the Singapore Management University Alumni Association. More than 300 people from the biobox digital asset funds, service providers, project parties and media in the blockchain field attended the conference. Among them, Liu Guojie, head of Bibox Southeast Asia. Professor Zhu Dafei from Singapore Management University, Nizm Ismail, co-founder of RHT, Jerry Li, CEO of DUO Network, and Michael Juskiewicz, eMusic CFO, attended the conference and delivered a speech.

As a professor at the Singapore Management University, Zhu Dafei made an opening speech for the meeting. He has always been very optimistic about the technology of the blockchain. He believes that this technology can solve some problems in the current business field, such as data security. , user privacy, etc. He believes that with the landing of blockchain technology, some of the current difficulties in restricting enterprise development, such as unstructured data and unsound sharing mechanisms, will be gradually resolved.

Liu Guojie, head of Bibox Southeast Asia, reviewed the development of Bibox and said that Bibox has been committed to the development and development of blockchain technology. The meeting at the Singapore Management University is also expected to bring the blockchain to the ground and application. The combination of colleges and universities provides some support for the landing of blockchain technology. “For example, we set up Bibox Lab to provide funding, technology, marketing, consulting, legal and venue services for quality blockchain startup projects.”

Then, RHT co-founder Nizam Ismail talked about the landing and development of the blockchain from the perspective of laws and regulations. He called on countries to formulate laws and regulations in line with national conditions to accelerate the biobox and development of blockchain-related industries. In the roundtable discussion, Blockchain Founders Fund Managing Partner Aly Madhavji, Signum Capital Leader Ian Lee, H.Capital Partner Li Xi, XSQ Capital CEO Lim Hong Zhuang, MW Partner Michael Ng, and Kenetic Capital Regional Partner KC Chng The future landing and development of the blockchain was discussed.

They agreed that the current blockchain technology is in the early stage, and the specific application and landing will take some time, but the future development prospects are expected. Among them, KC Chng believes that in the coming year, the blockchain will play a major role in the game field. Finally, they also called on all blockchain enterprises to establish a biobox system in the early stage of creation, to do a good job in the management and regulation of the company.

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