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About Bidooh

Bidooh is an award-winning3, innovative digital billboard software platform founded by Abdul Alim and Shahzad Mughal. Bidooh’s platform allows any advertiser or media agency to create or upload an advert, have it approved, and go live on a digital billboard in minutes. In 2014, the two tech founders got together in their garage to come up with a world-changing idea. After much deliberation and no profound ideas, they decided instead to watch sci-fi movies for inspiration.

The ‘aha’ moment came during a scene in the movie ‘Minority Report’ where Tom Cruise walks towards a screen and it changes. They imagined a world where digital billboards could dynamically change the message or advert depending on who was nearby. The duo got to work and 18 months later they had built, what they called, the
smartest digital billboard in the world. The billboard knew exactly who was walking towards it and was able to use their name and Facebook photo to display a personalized offer. They named the platform OfferMoments. Everyone who saw it in action, loved the idea. As innovative as the idea was, they struggled to raise funding, until they were noticed by Angel investor Michael Edelson. Michael is one of the longest serving directors of Manchester United Football Club and VC responsible for over 20 companies on the stock market with 2 reaching over $1bn.

Basic Information

Token NameBIDOOH
Token SymbolDOOH
Social Media
Total token Supply126 BN
Token Price$1=2000 DOOH
Payment AcceptEthereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar Lumens
Soft cap/Hard cap5 M/25M USD
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Token Distribution

15%Team & Advisors
70%Token Sale

Bidooh Vision

Bidooh vision for Bidooh is to revolutionize and democratize the $34.8bn4 out-of-home advertising industry. By creating a truly flexible, immediate, measurable selfservice platform and open digital screen network, advertisers and media agencies of all sizes will plan and place their adverts through Bidooh. By making it available to all advertisers, with no minimum commitment, Bidooh will unlock a new customer base. These potential advertisers are currently unable to use outdoor advertising. Due to the open nature of the network, media owners can add their own existing or new screens to the Bidooh platform and generate new revenues from bidooh existing advertisers. For complete transparency, the Bidooh platform will be  13 Copyright 2018 | Bidooh.io
auditable on the blockchain. Removing a reliance on trust, delayed or inaccurate reporting, this open digital ledger will be truly revolutionary


Billboard advertising is one of the oldest ways to advertise. You will most probably see outdoor advertising posters of all sizes on your way to work, in a shopping center, at airports, train and bus stations. Billboard advertising is known as “Out-of-Home” or OOH while the digital billboard market is called “Digital-out-of-Home” or DOOH when it’s using digital screens to show the advertising. It is still considered one of the most impactful advertising methods for broadcast advertising

Bidooh Platform

Bidooh’s current platform, which is live and in use, is a turnkey advertising management platform which allows you to add screens to your network instantly, giving you full management functionality of screens in all of your locations. Bidooh’s smart advertising platform enables advertisers to instantly create, publish and pay for an advert in real-time. The Bidooh AdPaaS (Advertising Platform as a Service) platform connects Advertising content players fitted with additional hardware (such as cameras, and other sensors) to fetch content from a centralized advertising creative content store and play them on a local screen. The platform also allows individuals to sign up to the platform, enter an ad creative, choose locations, and pay via a credit card for an advert to be in the network. The platform records display, impressions, cumulative audience impressions for an
advert and who has potentially seen the ad creative.


The Bidooh token (DOOH) will be based on the Ethereum blockchain. Each DOOH token represents a 10 second ad space on the Bidooh platform. Advertisers can pay with a DOOH token to purchase a 10 second time slot for their advert when publishing their advert on any given location chosen. Once the advertiser has submitted their advert and spent the token, the transaction along with data points around the advert campaign and the adverts’ chosen location(s) are stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Each time the advert associated with the transaction has an actionable event such as being successfully scheduled, triggered for display, displayed and viewed by a person(s), the relevant data points and metrics are stored against the transaction and stored on the
The DOOH token itself will be created as ERC20 tokens. The ERC20 standard has been chosen since the standard itself has been formalized by the Ethereum team and is listed on Ethereum Github page. The ERC20 standard was created to enable interoperability across decentralized applications, exchanges and interfaces. The ERC20 standard establishes a protocol (common set of rules) for tokens issued via Ethereum smart contracts.
Bidooh’s smart contracts deployed on the Ethereum blockchain will conform to the ERC20 protocol. Smart contracts are self-executing code blocks which contain data and code functions wholly relevant on Bidooh token transactions occurring in real-time.

Growth Summary

Bidooh is a turnkey digital billboard platform which allows any individual to advertise as well as enabling digital screen owners to join the platform and list their own screens. Bidooh is designed to be like Google Adwords for digital screen advertising. Advertisers can register an account, create an advert, choose a location, set a budget and have their advert published on our digital screen network in real-time.

Brand Scan

A consumers’ choice of clothing brand, style and color is important to them. The Bidooh platform will integrate with third party computer vision API’s which may allow advertisers to instantaneously change their ads based on the brand, style or colour of the clothing worn by a consumer. If, for example, they’re wearing a Nike top, the cameras will recognise that and the advertiser may choose to change their ad to show appreciation to the wearer “thank you for choosing Nike” or it may be a competitor advert who would like to target a particular brand or style. Either way, the adverts will change in real-time. Every time you engage with the ads and allow it to scan your style profile, you will earn tokens. Our current tests show a 5 second delay for the processing of image recognition data which means not all screens will be able to utilise this method or targeting. We hope to increase the speed to open up this feature to more screens. Style profiles may be scanned off social media photos with your permission and on location using cameras.


Michael Edelson         Chairman
Abdul Alim                     Co-founder – CEO
Shahzad Mughal           Co-founder – CPO
Paul Althasen             Non-Executive Director, Investor
Howard Simms           Non-Executive Director, Investor
Clive Maudsley           Chief Financial Officer

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