Birdlance ICO Review : Freedom and Protection for Freelance Photographers

About Birdlance

Birdlance has the ambition to become one of the best online marketplaces for imagery content while also protecting the intellectual property of Photographers and Graphic Designers by being able to prove authorship and report copyright infringement of any kind. Unsolicited usage of a photograph in either its original as in its edited form can be detected by Birdlance and will be reported to the original author of the content.

An Artist or creator means any individual who is a stakeholder in a piece of media material which can be a photographer, editor, graphic designer or anyone else who is due to be paid a percentage of the profits of that piece of art.

Token Basic Information

Token Name Birdlance
Token Symbol BLNC
Social Media Birdlance ICO Review : Freedom and Protection for Freelance PhotographersBirdlance ICO Review : Freedom and Protection for Freelance Photographers
Reward system 9%
IEO/ICO stage 40%
NXT holders
Offering Type N/A
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An Online Marketplace for Pictures

Birdlance has the ambition to become one of the best online marketplaces for pictures, illustrations and artwork while also protecting the intellectual property of Photographers and Graphic Designers by being able to prove authorship and report copyright infringement of any kind by using it.


Currently there aren’t many options available to the modern-day artists (e.g.photographers or graphic designers) looking to monetize their digital work. This current structure is even more worrisome for underground and upcoming artists who are yet to attain a certain level of fame and notoriety that would help self-sell their works at a fair market price.

Stringent Requirements

The platforms are characterized by stringent requirements concerning the conditions of participation for sellers. Due to these challenging conditions, the artist is obliged to publish a substantial number of images in the hope of being able to compete against the immensely high levels of competition.

Content verification

Long waiting times for verification of the content and a large number of rejections of the work by the photo stocks platforms are some of the factors that frustrate the artist.


Birdlance comes to the market with distinct advantages over conventional platform to both customers and artists. Contributors at Birdlance benefit from a low fee in selling price, while creator stake up to 90% of the earnings. A structure that allows creators to keep over 90% of final sale price allows them to offer their work cheaper and offer more purchase value for the customers.

Price Control and Autonomy

It is very important to us that only the artists themselves can determine the value of their work and that they are given the opportunity to offer their work to lots of potential buyers. Birdlance platform provides this opportunity which is realized by using synergies from Blockchain technology and the creative industry.

Crypto Economy

Birdlance appeals to a broad audience that is currently still far from the Blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies.

Sell your Pictures and Protect them

Decide the price of your pictures and start selling. Birdlance reverse image search and AI monitor your pictures and can trace even derived works back to its original.

Freedom over price

You decide the price of your pictures, not us.


85% of images uploaded to the internet are used without permission. AI searches for matches online and notifies you when a new match is found.


Send takedown notices.

Birdlance Blockchain

Birdlance runs its own Proof Of Stake Blockchain (based on NXT). Utility coin (BLNC) can be used for buying and selling photographs on the platform and buying various Birdlance services. Since the Birdlance Blockchain doesn’t require any mining but rewards are gained by staking, it is a lot more energy efficient and green than any other Proof Of Work Blockchain.


Market Place

Birdlance will have its market place which will serve as a real-time market place for pictures, illustrations and art work.

Buy and Sell

Buy and sell your BLNC for a small fee, real-time prices and fast transactions.

Proof of Authorship

Protect your pictures, illustrations or art work with a unique hash that will be stored on the Birdlance blockchain.


Birdlance will support paid advertising spots for products.

Coin Distribution

Birdlance will start doing airdrops to the community in the third quarter of 2019. To attract users to the platform every new user that signs up will receive a welcome bonus of coins to kick-start their Birdlance experience.

Birdlance is planning to do an ICO/IEO in the forth quarter of 2019. All unsold coins will be burned and to rebalance the team’s coin allocation, a part of these will be burned too in relation to the burned unsold coins.



Mathias Van Heule, Co-founder

Glenn Boudaer, Co-founder

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