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Bitproperty Ico Review : Buy, Sell and Invest in Real Estate via Blockchain


About Bitproperty

Bitproperty is the platform for the decentralized organization of buying, selling and investing in real estate, based on Etherium Blockchain and Smart Contracts. The BitProperty Mission Provide anyone with the opportunity to purchase, sell and invest in real estate without geo-referencing. Bitproperty goal is to make this process as quick, transparent and safe as possible. One of the main problems of the modern real estate market is closeness and conservatism. An outdated model of monitoring and monitoring of the construction industry often leads to increased construction costs and time-limits for the delivery of the facility, making this industry not accessible to everyone. This problem is exacerbated by the lack of a unified database of construction sites that require additional funding, as well as limited public access to this information. This solution gives an opportunity to all – both large companies and individuals to take advantage of the opportunity and take part in the construction or buy and sell real estate without geo-referencing.

Directing all efforts to optimize control over construction sites and improving the efficiency of processes, the Bitproperty platform, based on the basis of blockchain technology, has developed technologies that will make the process of acquiring real estate at the initial stage of construction understandable, transparent and accessible to everyone. This platform provides an opportunity for Bitpro holders to purchase real estate all over the world in the most profitable stage of primary construction, even with the smallest amounts, and to monitor this construction online. Thus, BitProperty will allow you to purchase the primary commercial and residential real estate for the cryptocurrency, making it more accessible, transparent, safe, reliable, flexible and economical, since it will not be necessary to spend the costs for audit companies involved in controlling the construction process.

Basic Information

Token NameBP
Token Sale25,000,000BP
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Token Price1 USD
Soft Cap——————-
Hard Cap——————-
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Problems and Solutions

The most basic and complex problem of developers is the search for investors. To ensure that the developer is guaranteed to receive funding, often the availability of documents and team is not enough. The advantage is that those developers who directly have connections at the highest level. Even an advanced developer can stay in the project stage if the creators do not have the right connections with investors. There is also a problem in transactions. On Bitproperty own experience, they were convinced that it is difficult to scale of the activities efficiently to work with several projects simultaneously at different stages. Even professional companies
face this. When analyzing the process of preparation for the object’s tokenization, Bitproperty found that with an increase in the number of objects, the business does not scale without creating a special ecosystem. Managing multiple projects in the manual mode is inefficient.

Bitproperty Project

Bitproperty Fund is the first and most important element of the BitProperty Platform. BitProperty Fund in cooperation with the Developer that places the construction site on a platform to attract investment. BitProperty Fund monitors compliance with legal documents, project documentation, permits, regulatory documents and legal acts, compliance with the laws of a country, and also introduces the project tokenization platform.The token owner (or “Participant”) has access to the platform and selects the object according to its own criteria/interests. Then, Smart Contracts Pool is created, based on which all the elements of the platform function, including the interaction of the token holder and the BitProperty Fund.


BitProperty Fund and the Developer introduces the object description to the BitProperty Platform. The buyer finds a property that meets his criteria. The buyer provides an offer through a smart contract to the subject of the register on the appropriate legal conditions. The seller accepts the offer by signing it with a digital signature.  Intermediaries realize their functions. After the conditions mentioned above are met, the smart contract launches a payment system that allows customers to make payments in the cryptocurrency. 7. A smart contract monitors payment and transfers ownership to the new owner in the BitProperty registry after all the conditions are met.
Bitproperty makes the system modular and gives buyers the opportunity to verify the fulfillment of the terms of the concluded contract.


BitProperty Platform is a unique blockchain-platform that unites the crypto community on the one hand, and real estate developers on the other hand, and allows every person in the world to become the owner of real estate in any part of the globe. And easy buy or sell real estate for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.BitProperty Platform is a platform for a decentralized organization of real estate acquisition and real estate investments, based on
blockchain and smart contract technologies. BitProperty Platform is the first platform that gives access to a
global database of industrial, commercial and residential real estate at all stages of construction to every interested person or company. It also ensures the safe conduct of operations and monitoring the status of various projects.

Token Distribution

60%Toke Sale
14%Advisory Board




Nikolai Plekhanov – CEO & Founder 

Ruslan Mamedov – Commercial Advisor 

Markunasova Anna – Associate Director, Investments 

Kashirskikh Tatyana Professional Real Estate Broker 

Fedorovich Dmitry – Associate Director, Investments 

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