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Bitribe ICO Review : the platform currency issued by the Bitribe Exchange


About Bitribe 

Bitribe Token is the platform currency issued by the Bitribe Exchange, referred to as “BRT”, and the total amount of issuance is 1 billion, and it is guaranteed to never be issued. BRT coins are decentralized blockchain digital assets based on Ethereum Ethereum, which is bas ed on the ERC 20 standard tokens of the Ethereum blockchain.

Basic Information

Token Name Bitribe
Token Symbol BRT
Social Media Bitribe ICO Review : the platform currency issued by the Bitribe ExchangeBitribe ICO Review : the platform currency issued by the Bitribe ExchangeBitribe ICO Review : the platform currency issued by the Bitribe Exchange
Accepting ETH, BTC, USDT
Restricted countries China, United States of America
Platform Steem
Country Singapore
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage


Bitribe is a gaming project built on advanced blockchain and cryptography technologies.
Bitribe uses all the advantages of cryptography and decentralization, making cheating
technically and verifiably impossible. Bitribe offers the latest forms of these technologies
implement into an online gaming and gambling platform․ Also, one of the main advantages is the Affiliate Program where every player can receive up to 50% of profit generated from invited players, which mean that every player will have equal share of the profit.

Business plan

Bitribe is bringing together the best of Betting, Casino and Poker with that of cryptocurrency. Powered with blockchain technology, this platform has the potential to deliver to a large consumer base with ease, transparency and increasing value for all its stakeholders. Bitribe two main revenue sources are Bitribe retain a small administration fee as rakes when Bitribe users purchase Bitribe tokens. This is done to cover our admin and operational costs, much like traditional poker rooms.


Token sale

Instead of attracting capital from legacy financing sources that are only now beginning to appreciate the potential of blockchain technologies, Bitribe is opting for another solution. The company aims to increase the awareness and gather generic support from the crypto community by letting its members participate directly and transparently in the Token Sale.
A well-executed Token Sale provides essential funding that allows Bitribe to extend instant poker tournaments prizes and meet overwhelming demand from blockchain community.


Dividends are calculated in USD and paid in your Bitribe Poker Wallet in BST and/or ETH and/or USD stable coin, whichever creates greater value for Bitribe Token holders at the given moment, which will be decided by Bitribe . Should Bitribe Tokens be used, they will be acquired by Bitribe on exchanges or collected from rake interest repayments using Bitribe – as of course no new tokens can be issued, as specified in the audited smart contract.


Bitribe have created the SPRING panels to improve quality of life and increase well-being. Bitribe have concentrated our efforts and invested energy and resources into the technology for infrared radiant systems because it is the best and most suitable for everyone. Bitribe quality of our life is enormously affected by the room temperature.When the temperature is right, you feel good, comfortable and enjoy the pleasant sensation of well-being, a state of being that we all want to prolong for as long as possible.


Bitribe operator comfort and health are essential aspects and are crucial for improving the quality of work and increasing productivity. Infrared rays are the natural warming form par excellence, which in fact is perceived by people as the most comfortable. On the contrary, with non-radiant heating methods, it’s always necessary to heat the room air, which is never done with infrared panels. The infrared radiation system, in fact, never directly warms the room air, but warms the person and, deep down, all the surfaces that surround him, such as the walls of the booth as well as the surfaces of the car.



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