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About Bittrex

Trade  provide individuals and businesses a world class experience to buy and sell cutting-edge cryptocurrencies and digital tokens. Based and fully regulated in the USA, Bittrex is the go-to spot for traders who demand lightning fast trade execution, stable wallets, and industry-best security practices. Whether you are new to trading and cryptocurrencies, or a veteran to both, was created for you!.

Bittrex is one of the larger crypto to crypto exchanges offerign a large number of trading pairs into bitcoin – including all the major cryptos such as darkcoin, nextcoin and litecoin. They also offer NeuCoin and Ethereum. The exchange does have a very high turnover crypto currencies – leading some to accuse it of allowing pump and dump schemes that erode confidence in the crypto currency ecosystem as a whole. Apart from that they do have very good security with two factor authentication and are United States based. Trading fees are 0.25% with no reductions like cryptsy – and withdrawals are completely free and subject only to the transaction fee specified in the blockchain of the particular crypto currency.

How to Register In Bittrex:

It is simple procedure to register, Just go to,Enter your mail id and password then just confirm it.
See the image:
signup procedure for bittrex
After signup then Just Login your id… You can See Below Image , This is main trading page.
live bittrex trading market
Bitcoin value also changing everyday so first buy bitcoins in low rate. Then trade here.By follow this procedure you can register and login here.

How to Join:

First of all we need to convert our money to Bitcoins  [BTC]. First Go to coinbase website and Signup and give your details. Then click deposit and deposit your amount. Then click buy/sell  bitcoins and Buy it.
For Indian users coinbase not supported so you need to convert your Indian Rupee to Btc in zebpay App.
Click here and create account in zebpay.
USA and Other country users Click here and create account in coinbase [If you register from our website you will get 10 dollar Extra(verified)]

How Much Money You Can Invest In Bittrex:

You can invest low to very high amount. It is depend on your wish.
 For beginners so I recommend You to invest only 100$-200$ starting period. It is Enough
for Learning and earning little much. Indian users you need to invest 3000 to 6000 initially.
After learning You Can invest 500$ TO 1000$ etc. Because Our profit is depend on Our Investment .

How to add bitcoins In Bittrex:

It is very simple and quick process to Adding Money In bittrex wallet.
Just go to you coinbase , Indians go to zebpay app
Then click send bitcoins option It asks bitcoin address. Now just go to bittrex, click wallet option.
[If you does not have bitcoin account, create one first.
How to Add and withdraw money in bittrex, send money to bittrex, payout money from bittrex, trading tips
Like this page you can see in your Bittrex account. You need to just click plus icon .
I marked in that image. You can see like this below image
bitcoin currency address
This is my bitcoin address for bittrex. You also see that similar address to your page.
Now copy this address . You can send bitcoin money from anywhere to this address.
Now go to Coinbase or any other Bitcoin Wallet Website.
Paste it in To field. Just click ok.They will send money to bittrex. Within a second you can send 1$ to 1000$ and more
First invest some money to bittrex then earn more money from trading market.
See the image Just click -icon  you can see withdraw popup page. its like
below image
withdrawal money from bittrex

 How to get your account verified with Bittrex

Requirements for you to get verified with Bittrex:

Basic Verification

  • Complete Name
  • Date of birth
  • Country
  • Complete Address with Postal/Zip Code
  • Passport Number (Optional)

Phone Verification

  • Mobile phone number (mobile number provided should be able to receive SMS messages)

Enhanced Verification

  • You need to complete your Basic Verification first in order to proceed to the third level of verification.

I was able to register an account with them with no problems at all. The problem occurred when I started with the verification process. As shown in the screenshot above, I got an error when I submitted my Basic Verification details to them.

We could not match your information to our public record providers. To complete the basic verification process, you can verify a phone number or apply for an enhanced account.” -This is what I got after I submitted the basic verification application. Which is weird because everything I submitted was legit.

I also tried to verify my account using my mobile phone number. Problem is, it just keeps loading and it has been loading for two hours now, still no luck. So what happens if these two verification steps fail? You would then need to request an Enhanced Verification from them.

Enhanced verification would require you to submit scans of your identification along with your selfies. They work together with Jumio to verify the ID’s submitted and does the face verification process. You can read about the list of countries they support along with the accepted ID’s here.

Account Limits for

Due to Bittrex’s team experience when it comes to software security, they made sure that their customers would feel secure in using their services. With this being said, they take security seriously.

  1. A change of password in your account would mean that you cannot make any withdrawals within the next 24hrs.
  2. If you do not have a 2FA integrated into your account, you will only have a daily limit of 1 BTC withdrawal or equivalent per day.

Limit Update – Accounts that are created after October 30, 2016, would have the following withdrawal limits:

  • Unverified Account – 1 BTC per day or equivalent
  • Basic Account – 3 BTC per day or equivalent with 2FA enabled
  • Enhanced Account – 100 BTC per day or equivalent with 2FA enabled

Trading Fees

All trading done within would be charged 0.25%.

Website Interface

The website of features the Seatle Space Needle in the foreground, which is nice to look at. Homepage tabs are useless as they would just redirect you to the lower part of the page, something that you can do well without the tabs. You do need to register an account and log into their website to get an in-depth look at how they operate.

Once logged in, you will be greeted with the available Bitcoin markets that you can trade with. For example, I clicked on the BTC-ETH market located on the right-hand side of the screen. This redirected me to another page showing the BTC and ETH trade:

On the trading window, you are able to see two sides, this would be the “Buy” and “Sell” windows. You can manually enter the amounts you want to buy or sell in the space provided. Manual entry of amounts also means that you need to punch in your price manually as well.

You can also use the Order Book located on the lower part of the page. If you click on either side of the boxes, this will auto-populate your trading windows on the value that you have clicked. This would come in handy if you want to know the current asking price for the trade is.

They also have automated features like GTC (Good till canceled) and IOC (Immediate or Cancel) which you can setup by clicking the button located in your trade window.

  • GTC – Good Till Cancelled is the default setting. This means that the system would continue to look for your buy/sell post until this is fulfilled.
  • IOC – You would buy/sell your crypto currency for your price. If any portion of the currency being sold or bought cannot be fulfilled, this will be canceled immediately.

Customer Support

Customer service support for Bittrex might be the problem people are not very happy with. There is a forum post regarding this issue which can be found here. This forum thread was first posted when they launched in 2014, customer service problems regarding tickets not being resolved in time would start around page 30.

They run their support through email which you can reach through [email protected]. Their registered address is also provided below:

Bittrex LLC
6077 S. Ft. Apache Rd
Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89148

Security by

As mentioned at the start, the company is being handled by a group of “security freaks” that are focused on keeping their customers safe at all time. Even tenured security experts in the world know that there is no such thing as a “perfect system” or software that can keep you safe, but they try their best to do so.

They have posted the Privacy Policy on their website regarding the use if information that you would be sharing with them. Not only they are focused on your security but they also let us know what they are doing with the information you submitted to them.

Bittrex offers 2-Factor Authentication which is always great when it comes to trading websites. I strongly advise using the Google Authenticator for the 2FA’s that you would be doing. Not just for this website, but for all your online transactions.

Speaking of 2FA’s, a huge number of their registered users were hacked at around April 2016. You can read more about it in this forum post. A quick read over the forum thread and I found out that those users that weren’t using 2FA were the ones that got hacked. The members that had 2FA installed had no problems with their accounts being compromised.


  • Security is top priority
  • Fairly easy to navigate
  • Automated features


  • Verification process takes forever
  • Customer Service issues not being resolved on time

Hidden Tips By Digitalworldstory

The first step is to find coin2 down about 30% or 50%

then how do we look at it look at the picture below


Click 2 x CHANGE until you see the red mark, saw prices fall today altcoins

We will choose one altcoins which has a price fall, for example primechain we will go into trade BTC-PRIME

Step two:

See high prices Altcoins it within 24 hours, consider the high price PrimeChain unit price worth 379 satoshi

If altcoins is down 50% from the price of highnya 379, this only counts as 379: 2 = 188, the price for the 50% is approximately 188 satoshi more

where you have to put 3 buy order makes three buy orders are arranged so that the coin will fall about 99% make sure you put the purchase price is right, you will put the purchase price if the coin will fall by 99%.

Important: “Making 3 BUY ORDER adjust from bitcoin capital you have, in bunk down into 2X of the total amount of coin you buy

Forbidden to BUY at ASK price, unless you already know this game, this trick does not apply to new Altcoins received by bittrex.

**If the price of the buy your first order, please make your reservation price SELL 150 satoshi, you can directly sell order at a price of 200 or 220 try not too distant origin benefit you 10% to 50% that is enough

if the coin drop to reach 50 satoshi and touching buy your third order, enough to sell all the coin it at the price of 130, it is beneficial for you !!! YOUR BIG PROFIT**

Note: 379 satoshi high price to reach 99.99% fall around 37 satoshi, calculate faster and easier is that you can throw one of the numbers behind the high price.

If the high price 2000 satoshi drop of up to 99.99% is 200x satoshi
If the high price of 20000 satoshi drop to 99.99% is 2000 satoshi
If the high price drop 99.99% 20 satoshi is 2 satoshi
to fall 50% enough for the two price high price
if the high price 2000 satoshi to drop 50% is 1000 satoshi
If the high price satoshi 20000 to drop 50% is 10000 satoshi
If the high price satoshi 10 to drop 50% is 10 satoshi

Other notes: The game limit applies only 1 × 24 hours, if HIGH PRICE changed please repeat the game again, because the site has expired trade for 24 hours and has a new high price

You can find Altcoins with prices falling, every day many Altcoins has a price fall of about 30% that’s where you can put the nets BUY ORDER

Remember not to play more than one day, sell if it is profitable and not too far to make a sell order, the minimum volume above 0.5 BTC BTC to play

This is only recommended for beginners and the above example can also be used on other trading sites just that the concept remains the same.

Some New Markets Available in Bittrex, Which market is best how to analyze report

This week Some new markets are available in bittrex. Now we have Doubt about this market prize volume etc . Mostly new markets are available at high unit prize But one or two days they will give good profit. Its value mostly increase.

New markets june 2017

Yesterday arrived this market in  bittrex. Starting period its unit prize is high. Around 1USD per unit within two days its unit prize is 0.38usd only.
Today arrived this market in bittrex. starting time its unit prize around  1btc now its prize is 0.35USD only per unit.
Btc- ZEN
One or two days before zencash available at bittrex. Staring time its unit prize around 0.008btc. Now its prize 7.23dollar.

How to ANALYZE new markets:

I gave three markets unit prize difference that means starting time prize and current prize. I gave only three markets you can analyze at all new markets. Go to bittrex and open this markets time by time its value decreasing. So If you invest at starting period you will get huge loss. So don’t trade at new markets suddenly.
Because its trading volume sand trading prize is not stable. If you see that market up down bars you can understand. Some time new markets available at very low unit prize that time you can invest dollar at that market.
Then before buying analyze founder of new markets and collect details. But i didn’t do that i just wait for some weeks then its unit prize value will be stable then i invest some amount of Btc.
 Overall New markets are not safe for beginners so you just avoid it but learn about the prize variations
volume increase etc etc. It will give some new ideas about Trading share market.

Indian Share market and USA Bittrex market comparison

Indian Share market and USA bittrex market comparison , Which one is best for trading in current period

In India lot of share markets are available and start trading is little difficult for having some terms and conditions. Before start trading you should have demat account, for creating demat account you should submit Aadhar, pan, bank balance transfer details etc etc.. Its annoying. You can create demat account from Bank or any private companies, websites etc. You should submit required documents. After creating demat account you can start trading but you should pay brokerage commissions .
For example:
If you create demat account from any bank,  Trade trading you got 500rs profit you should pay 150rs to 170rs for brokerage, tax, feee etc. Compare to bank some private websites are good. They have low brokerage with low fee.

Pro of Indian Share markets:

1.You can analyze or judge the market value rate by many ways, depend up[on company profit share, banking details etc…
2.You can trade at crude oil, stocks, fixed deposit etc many type trading available.
3.  Daily share market opening time 9am to 3.30pm only
4. lot of markets and companies available

Con of Indian share market:

1. Starting demat account is little difficult, need to submit lot of documents
2. Need huge investment for big profit
3. Brokerage charge and commissions high

USA Bittrex market:

Bittrex from USA The Next-Generation Digital Trade Exchange, you can start account directly you just need bitcoins only, not only Indian users any of them start trading with bittrex account .In bittrex market digital currency , latest coins based website.
Pro of Bittrex:
1. You can trade at any time, any device[mob, tab, pc]
2.  Its bitcoin base investment website, Now day by day bitcoin value increasing
so if you invest here you can get good profit at future.
3. Easily to start account
4. Tax and fee low
Con of bittrex:
1.  you can’t analyze market value easily
2. Not sure markets are permanent , It may close sometime
3. Need bitcoin account for buy and send bitcoins here
In my point of experience  i have shared about Indian share markets and USA bittrex markets.
Compare to both Bittrex is best. I already share many profit way tips and tricks for beginners here.
Share with your friends and support us for new updates.

Conclusion offers a trade service with very good security options that you can use to your advantage. The website acts as a wallet and at the same time a trading platform for your crypto currencies. The verification process is still a question for me. Trade  service is something that I do not want to count on due to negative reviews. Overall, they need a lot of improvement in a lot of things other than security.

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