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Bouncy Coin ICO Review : Bouncy Coin proposes to create several socially network


About Bouny Coin

Bouncy Coin proposes to create several socially networked client-side interactive engagements as replacements for casino-style money betting, that empowers users to make intelligent and conservative money decisions. Bouncy Coin aims to change the misaligned purchasing behavior of buying Lottery Tickets by introducing socially aware fun engagements that equates monetary success to winning small amounts of prizes over extended periods of time and where users create and manage their own risk.

Basic Information

Token Name Bouncy Coin
Token Symbol BOUNCY
Social Media Bouncy Coin ICO Review : Bouncy Coin proposes to create several socially networkBouncy Coin ICO Review : Bouncy Coin proposes to create several socially networkBouncy Coin ICO Review : Bouncy Coin proposes to create several socially network
Accepting ETH
Soft cap 500,000 USD
Hard cap 10,000,000 USD
Country United States of America
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Modern market

In the modern gaming market, developers often use a combination of these techniques to attract users and to retain their attention. The most widespread model is free-to-play since it does not have any entry barriers. The same model enjoys the greatest interest among blockchain projects since it is based on a large number of microtransactions inside the gaming universe. But rare are projects that concentrate on one particular game; usually they tackle issues with the infrastructure in general.


The first attempt to merge blockchain technology with gaming resulted in HunterCoin back in 2014. It was a simple, online multiplayer game, where players collected coins in a virtual universe, with some p2p battles over resources. This however,mainly a ‘proof of concept’ and it had many drawbacks. Spells of Genesis was next. It’s a trading-card game that includes arcade-style gaming aspects. At the time, the card trading games market was already heated with Hearthstone from Blizzard, along with many other small competitors.



Bouncy Token will function as a BouncyCoin entry fee and as a dividend end point for the same token owner. At this time Bouncy Coin will also allow users play games with ETH. In casino partner scenarios, casinos earn money when players lose and win players. When a player wins a match, a small commission wins.This card is distributed to all Bouncy token holders. Tokens pay dividends every time each player wins, even though this dividend is not paid immediately. Every time a fee is charged, it will be collected and distributed periodically by our smart contract. This frequency distribution will be set.


BouncyCoin intends to become a supplier of technology standards and new game applications for casinos and gambling throughout the world, creating unlimited space for company growth. BouncyCoin intends completely repeat the main application for gambling, providing flexibility in games where users control various variables. BouncyCoin creates universal trust and transparency, using Ethereum Blockchain as the basis for applications and information gathering.


The main effect of this is the slope of opportunities from traditional casinos and game houses and the return even with all players. Technology and applications will be licensed to companies that do business with their potential customer base. This changes the legal landscape for BouncyCoin and allows them to work in the gambling business without the need for a gambling license.


BouncyCoin developers propose a solution that would allow users to place bets as well as create odds. Bouncy Coin team will license their first software app to casino operators for inclusion in their software offers. Regular users will download a mobile game and install it on their phone or tablet. Bouncy Coin will stop pushing cash into the state lottery, offering to participate in social networks, participants can win a small amount of cryptocurrency prizes,where they make and control opportunities from their participation.


BouncyCoin games are social games that run on a universal blockchain that enables safe gambling behavior in a controlled environment and where Monetary success winning small amounts of money over time. BouncyCoin creates social games that run on a universal blockchain that enables safe gambling behavior in a controlled environment. BouncyCoin is a Blockchain-based software that allows players to win money in games where they create and control odds.



Bruce Macdonald CO-FOUNDER
Todor Stoyanov GAME ARCHIECT
Lukasz Gasior CO-FOUNDER/CTO

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