brain-space Ico Review :Ways to promote authors and intellectual property

About brain-space

Brain Space is a multi-platform that will simplify and expand the possibilities of IP registration and the further fate of the author of a work of any cultural theme and value. After the author completes the registration of intellectual property through our service, he will be given the maximum amount of leverage to globalize his product, both towards monetization, and in the direction of popularizing the product and entering the broader market.

Basic Information

Token NameBrain Space
Token SymbolIMP
Social Mediabrain-space Ico Review :Ways to promote authors and intellectual propertybrain-space Ico Review :Ways to promote authors and intellectual propertybrain-space Ico Review :Ways to promote authors and intellectual property
Soft cap14,526,000 USD
Hard cap72,630,000 USD
ResectionNorth Korea, United States of America
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WebsiteClick Here For View Website


Brain Space is an institution of civil law that regulates legal Brain Space relations related to the creation and use of works of science, literature or art, that is, objective results of people’s creative activity in these areas.

The object of intellectual property

The object of intellectual property is a single result of the author’s creative activity, subject to protection by law and the possibility of depositing.

Features for brain-space 


They believe that the trust of users is one of the Brain Space most important components on which the activities of the developer company are based. But trust cannot be earned simply by saying They can be trusted!”. That is why want the activity of team to be as transparent as possible.The will allow any user to follow the progress of the development, observe the interactions within the team through social networks and blogs.


The consciously approach everything do. That is why they want to contribute to the Brain Spacedevelopment of the direction of protection of copyrights and IP objects. They are well aware of the problems faced by authors who need copyright protection, monetization of IP objects, as well as buyers interested in obtaining such rights. They are focused on creating a platform that will solve these problems as high-quality and convenient.



Shcherbakov Evgeniy CEO/CMO
Storozhilov Anton CEO/CFO
Vorobyov Vladimir CEO/CVO

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