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Breezecoin Ico Review : A Cryptocurrency Linked To Real Estate Assets



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About Breezecoin

Breezecoin invention of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies allowed people to eliminate the need for a central authority or a trusted third party in order to make transactions and to transfer assets. Being completely decentralized, secured by cryptography, transparent and global, cryptocurrencies are now shaping the future of the business world.
Breezecoin goal is to combine the blockchain-based cryptocurrency technology with the real estate investments. For this reason, we created a new cryptocurrency, BreezeCoin (BRZC), which is based on the Ethereum platform, a platform that runs smart contracts and eliminates fraud, downtime and censorship. The most prominent feature of BreezeCoin, unlike most of the other cryptocurrencies, is that it is tied to physical assets, namely real estate assets. It will become a medium of exchange in projects done by Breeze de Mar which has more than 15 years of experience in the real estate and construction fields. Moreover, BreezeCoin holders will be able to get monthly interest income payments in Ethereum. Last but not the least, coin holders will have right to the ownership of the mortgage papers. All in all, we are building a next-generation investment and business model to meet the criteria of the cyber-physical world, a world in which automation and data exchange are highly valuable.

Basic Information

Total Token Supply200,000,000 BRZC
Social Media
Token Price$ 0.85
Investor Supply30,000,000 BRZC
Hard Cap7,500,000 USD
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICOClick Here For Homepage

Token Distribution

Early Investor10,000,000

Etherium Platform

Ethereum blockchain is a decentralized application platform which allows everyone to create their own decentralized cryptocurrency, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and decentralized apps (Dapps) by using smart contracts. Using blockchain technology brings revolutionary benefits to the projects compared to the traditional technologies. The strongest benefit of the blockchain is decentralization. The decentralized open blockchain runs smart contracts as programmed without any chance of fraud, censorship, downtime and external third-party disruption. In addition, decentralization changes the meaning of the trust, that means there is no need for a trusted third party or intermediary to validate transactions on open blockchain platforms. The transparency
is another strong benefit of using blockchain, since the blocks are distributed to every node on the system, everyone is able to see what is on the blockchain. Therefore, every transaction is transparent on the blockchain. Lastly, because the whole ecosystem is distributed, it is extremely diicult to hack the system which provides strong security.

Breezecoin &ETH Platform

BreezeCoin is an Ethereum-blockchain based ERC20 token which uses almost all the benefits of the Ethereum-blockchain. Therefore, BreezeCoin is a blockchain asset that has a value and can be sent and received similar to Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency. By tokenization, the company Breeze De Mar has created its own smart money (i.e. programmable money) on the blockchain which acts as a digital asset and at the same time as an utility token. Due to BreezeCoin being an Ethereum-blockchain based token, it is stored in an Ethereum address. BreezeCoin can be used and stored by anyone who has Ethereum address. Any ERC20 token supported Ethereum wallet application or wallet website can be used to store and use BreezeCoin. The functions of the standard ERC20 token such as transfer and approve can be used on BreezeCoin. The source codes of the smart contracts, both for the token and ICO, can be found on the oicial GitHub page . The smart contract for the token creation follows the standards of the ERC20 and it is designed to create 200 million BreezeCoin in total.

Benefits for Investors

The most important feature that distinguishes Breeze de Mar from other projects is that it oers a faster return of the investment back to the investors. In addition to down andballoon payment percentages being low, upon purchase of an apartment, the company rents the apartment in question, for an annual price of 7% of the original purchase price of the apartment. Moreover, the electric, water, HOA fees and even the annual taxes are
paid by the company, outside of the 7% rental payment mentioned before. For example, if you buy an apartment for $114,900.00, with $22,980 (20% of the price) down payment and $11,490.00 (10% of the price) balloon payment at closing, the monthly payment of the investor will be $508.37 with 30 years of mortgage option
(6.5% annual interest rate). Since the purchase price is $114,900.00, the annual rental income of the investor will be $8,043.00 which is $670.25/month. Thus, at the end of themonth, the mortgage payment will be deducted from your rental income and dierence is credited to the investor. In overall, the investor benefits from:
• 30 years mortgage options with aordable interest rate
• Lack of additional/hidden cost
• Guaranteed rental income
• Return of investment is approximately 5.5 years
• Attractive location

Roadmap Of Breezecoin

October 2017                     The idea came to exist
January 2018                     The team was formed
February 2018                   The project outline was formed
March 2018                       The development of the coin started
March 10, 2018                  The project was publicized
June 1, 2018                      The Initial Coin Oering (ICO) period will start
June 20, 2018                     ICO period will end
July 1, 2018                        Meetings will start to enter into coin exchange websites
January 31, 2019                 First interest income will be paid to the BreezeCoin holders
September 2019                  BreezeCoin will be a medium of exchange in the Orlando project
December 2019                   Start to work on implementing BreezeCoin payment system in all
the hotels in the world

Mission & Vision

Breezecoin mission is to develop individual solutions and integrated concepts for our customers, and to give the maximum value to our customers’ investments. We aim to expand, manage and improve the existing long-term real estate portfolio while mainly focusing on the USmarket as well as German and Turkishmarkets. As we believe in the technology, Breezecoin are trying to develop integrated approaches between the real estate business and the technology, and to push the field towards the future.


Gürkan Akpınar – CEO
Breeze de Mar founder and owner, BreezeCoin founder
Evrim Ozer – Assistant
Responsible from Breeze de Mar and BreezeCoin project management.
Çiğdem Camiş – Assistant
Responsible for the oice and work environment
Alp Mete Gökaydın – CFO and Project Management
Responsible for the BreezeCoin project management.
Yekcan Güler – Marketing Manager
Responsible for the sales and advertisement of BreezeCoin and Breeze de Mar
Engin Sarıkaya – Marketing Manager

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