BrickEX Ico Review:BrickEX makes possible real estate investment for smaller investors

About BrickEX

BrickEX an open and decentralized real estate marketplace that creates transparency, accessibility and liquidity for every real estate owner and investor. Underpinned by blockchain technology, BrickEX’s one-of-a-kind exchange platform creates an open marketplace for a global real estate investment market that enables fractional ownership.

Basic Information

Company Name BrickEX
Token Sale  upcoming
Social Media BrickEX Ico Review:BrickEX makes possible real estate investment for smaller investorsBrickEX Ico Review:BrickEX makes possible real estate investment for smaller investorsBrickEX Ico Review:BrickEX makes possible real estate investment for smaller investors
Token Price  ===
Platform Brick Token (BRI)
Country USA
Language English
Bonous ===
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BrickEX Technology

Blockchain development is heavily based on open source solutions, as well as business partnerships that enable integrations at a technical level.BrickEX is using the latest open source libraries and software systems as the base of all developments, including cutting edge programming language and development tools such as NodeJS, Web3, Parity or Rust, among others. In addition, BrickEX has leveraged their partnership with Maecenas to gain access to a well proven technology stack that is adapted and continuously improved on.


A Decentralized Future

The real estate industry is long overdue for a shakeup. Not only is one-third of the industry running on technology that was first released over 30 years ago, but it continues to put up barriers to transparency, preventing the release of locked up liquidity and eliminating standard services. With the help of the blockchain, we know that the real estate industry can move into a new, more democratic age.

Decentralized Income Distribution

Real estate investments are attractive because they produce fixed income. A true decentralized real estate exchange platform must try to avoid using centralized intermediaries for key processes, and therefore will funnel all rental income through our DID component, which will allocate funds to investors based on the number of shares they own in various portfolios they own at the time of distribution similar to how dividends are paid in the stock market, but without the need for a central institution.

Security as a strategy

BrickEX recognizes that a core component of a Blockchain system is the element of security, particularly in the case of it’s exchange platform. The BrickEX critical services run in an isolated and extra-protected server, and all crypto assets are stored in a hot-cold mixed wallet system.

BrickEX Innovation Stack

BrickEX builds on its founder’s deep knowledge of fractional real estate crowd investment obtained through founding and running BrickEX has also formed a technology partnership with Maecenas which has already built a full functional digital asset exchange for fine art. Maecenas is now cooperating with the BrickEX development team to expand this technology and create a decentralized exchange for fractional real estate ownership. BrickEX is to Real Estate what Maecenas is to Fine Art.

Brick Token

As a starting point for consolidating the global market for real estate, BrickEX will connect a broad range of investment funds and trading platforms around the world. By creating a global repository for real estate investments by connecting real estate owners and investors regardless their location or investment capacity, BrickEX consolidates liquidity and investment opportunities in an industry currently under pressure due to the fragmented nature of liquidity.








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