Brisk Pass ICO Review : Brisk Pass is a GLOBAL transportation access pass

About Brisk Pass 

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Brisk Pass is a GLOBAL transportation access pass with integrated cryptocurrency wallet called Brisk Wallet utilizing its own exclusive cryptocurrency called BriskCoin to pay for services and/or transfer funds.Billions are spent daily on public transit by commuters for commuting between one place to another. Daily commute incorporates approx. 15% of an average household expenditure and it is an important part of Brisk Pass daily livelihood. Even with growing prices of transportation in recent years, Brisk Pass methods, modes, and frequency of travel have not changed and continued in similar patterns. Most of us daily use multiple modes of public transportation such as buses, taxis, and trains to get around.

Basic Information

Token Name Brisk Pass
Token Symbol BSK
Social Media Brisk Pass ICO Review : Brisk Pass is a GLOBAL transportation access pass
Accepting ETH
Restricted countries No restrictions
Token for sale 70,000,000,000 BSK
Country Unspecified
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Brisk Pass Will Overcome The Shortcomings Of Current Payment Methods Enabling Users To Spend For Their Commute On-Demand As And When They Need Too, Without Any Worries Of Prepaid Balance Limitations Or Losing The Balance In Case Of Expiry.Brisk Pass Will Negate Borders, Languages, Local Currencies, Exchange Rates And Other Limitations Associated With Current System. Brisk Pass & BriskCoin Will Enable You To Pay For Any Public Transport Worldwide Without The Need To Purchase Any Local Pass Or Exchange Cash To Pay With Local Currency.

Cryptocurrency wallet 

Brisk Pass Will Provide Users With Its Own Cryptocurrency Wallet Called Brisk Wallet Utilizing Its Own Exclusive Cryptocurrency Called BriskCoin For Transferring/Receiving Money, Exchanging It With Other Crypto/Fiat Currencies And Paying For Services Or Products, Making Brisk Pass A Limitless Solution.Brisk Pass Is An Environment Friendly Solution.


Work globally

A simple user case of how Brisk Pass will work globally. George is a local residence in Berlin, and he is traveling to London. He takes a local bus from home to the train station in Berlin and pays with Brisk Pass app using BriskCoin. He then pays for his train ticket from Berlin to London using Brisk Pass. During his two hours trip from Berlin to London, He orders a cup of coffee and pays for it using again with the onboard payment system.


An Approximate Carbon Footprint Of A Plastic Card Is 35g CO2 Equivalent/Card Thus Contributing In The Range Of 2,000,000,000*35g CO2 Equivalent To The Carbon Footprint Of The Card Industry Or A Total Of 70,000 Tons Worldwide. Using Brisk Pass Travelers Will No Longer Need To Use Disposable Plastic Cards And Will Reduce Carbon Footprint Significantly.


Once he reaches London train station, he takes his preferred ride sharing service to take him to his destination and pays for ride sharing using Brisk Pass. George did not have to worry about paying or buying different passes or dealing with more than one currency or provider.


Frank Mühlhäuser CEO
Marcus Herzig CTO

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