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Caerusconnections Ico Review : Welcome to a new employee data eco

About Caerusconnections

The recruiting industry is bloated and inefficient, costing companies $200 billion annually on the promotion, search, and screening of candidates for open positions. Candidates also face significant challenges as most candidates find the job search process to be cumbersome, time-consuming, and often limited to an individual’s network. In fact, 83% of job seekers find the whole process to be a poor experience1.Caerus Connections™ is designing a way to improve this expensive, incomplete, and inexact process through a blockchain-based hiring platform. The Caerusconnections platform (consisting of a web app and mobile app UIs) will provide businesses with an extensive searchable candidate database while allowing candidates to showcase a complete
representation of his/her job qualifications and desires.

A unique and powerful feature of Caerusconnections is the inclusion of the Career Driver Compass, an established and psychometrically valid, online assessment that measures the workplace motivators of individual job candidates. This data provides both parties a comprehensive and objective understanding of the requirements of the open position and of the “fitness” of the candidate. Caerus Connections™ is the only recruitment site to offer this level of information, transparency, value, and return to both job candidates and hiring
companies. In the future, the data contained in this ecosystem will eventually be available, on a macro level, for research purposes to progress future employee-based algorithms and AI applications.

Basic Information

Token NameCAER
Token Sale17,000,000 CAER
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Token Price——————
Soft Cap——————-
Hard Cap——————-
CurrencyAcceptedETH, BTC, LTC
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The Caerusconnections platform will be the all-inclusive site for candidates to showcase data in an easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard, freeing candidates from the confines of patching together qualifications through a mess of paper documents, PDF files, online networking profiles, job sites, and online portfolios. Candidates will create and display their unique profile that will serve as a comprehensive, user-friendly digital résumé replacement, including information that is verifiable through the platform’s blockchain technology. The verifiable information included in an individual’s profile includes work history, Career Driver Compass, education, certifications, and references; non-verifiable profile information includes degrees, ancillary tools, and profiles, willingness to relocate, salary expectations, interests, and aspirations.

Market Challenges

Employer Challenges

Hiring a new employee can be complex, time-consuming, and expensive. Companies pay millions of dollars for recruiters to conduct candidate searches that often yield lackluster results. However, in spite of these obstructions, professional recruiting is experiencing one of the fastest rates of pay growth in the US. On average, in 2016 recruiters saw a 7.6% increase in pay year-over-year2.In addition to the search for verifiable candidate information (education and employment history), employers typically have unique qualifying questions candidates must answer. The practicality of engaging an extensive list of queries for each candidate, multiplied by every open position, becomes increasingly paralyzing. Even more challenging is the process of identifying candidates whose workplace motivators align with the requirements for the job.

Candidate Challenges

Candidates have an equally difficult time navigating the complicated job search process. Their obstacles include heavily disseminated job postings, obscured company information, and cumbersome hiring processes. Qualified candidates are too often lost in a pool of less-than-desirable candidates who work the system by using professional résumé development services, creating slick (and selective) online portfolios, or by hiring interview coaches so that they can present what employers want to hear, rather than providing realistic details regarding his or her actual job performance.


Caerusconnections is developing a hiring ecosystem that utilizes blockchain technology to record objective and verified employee data, as well as store, selected, subjective data, such as salary requirements and one’s willingness to relocate. Using the blockchain ensures an accurate and comprehensive portrayal of each individual’s talents and motivations. Furthermore, businesses will be able to easily search and navigate verified candidate information to find the right employee. In the current market, this is not possible. The Caerus Connections™ platform is an optimal way to securely house candidate job qualifications, as well as grant others, access to this data through permissionbased software. Caerusconnections platform will allow job candidates to maintain their anonymity throughout the process, while accurately showcasing their unique talents to future employers. The communication flow of the site will allow job candidates to make the final determination as to when to reveal their full identities to potential employers.

Better Matches

Unlike any job portal, candidates can complete an online, psychometrically validated, assessment to showcase their individual preferences, allowing companies to accurately fit employee motivators to their open positions.

Comprehensive Data

Individuals can showcase a comprehensive career portfolio with all verifiable employer data in one secure place, while employers have access to a highly functional platform that allows for fast, relevant, and robust searches of candidates on expansive criteria and data.

Confidential and Decentralized

Caerusconnections creates a system that is completely confidential for employees and employers due to the anonymity that public and private key pairs provide. A decentralized platform means that job seekers and companies aren’t beholden to traditional career site paradigms and can expect superior results when using Caerus Connections.


Caerusconnections will create all Caerus Tokens to have the ERC-20 protocol standard. Since Caerus Token is exclusively a utility token that needs to be fungible to act as a ‘private currency’ within the Caerus Connections environment, other standards, such as ERC-721, are not a consideration at this time. Multiple currency gateways (crypto and fiat), and a user-friendly wallet ensure transparency and insight for all token holders into their token holdings. The Caerus Connections™ team will develop the first iteration of the Caerus platform on the Ethereum blockchain. In the future, the management team has full discretion to either stay on Ethereum or move to another blockchain and smart contract functionality that is superior in one, or any number, of ways.


Token Distribution

41%Toke Sale


Morgan Browning – Founder
Brad Hoffman – Operations Lead
Erin Peereboom – Communications Lead
Josh Millstein – Chief Technology Officer
Mark Miller – Marketing Specialist
Ilija Misov – CTO at IT Labs

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