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Cash Telex ICO Review : Investors Can Benefit From Various Services Provided By Cash Telex

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About Cash Telex

Cash Telex dynamic diversified fund solution is to back the CTLX coin, and directly pegged to real assets (Gold, Diamond, Silver and Real Estate). Investors can benefit from various services provided by Cash Telex Ecosystem. The Cash telex initial purchase of assets from the fund collected during the ICO will provide a foundation and it will continue to reinvest those funds from the collected fee from Loans, exchange transactions and Debit Cards fees issued to customers. All of these services will be in a form of CTLX and that will give guaranteed demands for CTLX coins.

Basic Information

Token Name Cash Telex
Token Symbol CTLX
Social Media Cash Telex ICO Review : Investors Can Benefit From Various Services Provided By Cash TelexCash Telex ICO Review : Investors Can Benefit From Various Services Provided By Cash TelexCash Telex ICO Review : Investors Can Benefit From Various Services Provided By Cash Telex
Soft cap
10,000,000 USD
Hard cap
100,000,000 USD
Token for sale
4,000,000 CTLX
Country Cayman Islands
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Cryptocurrencies in the current state are suffering from several drawbacks and issues related to absence of stability, scalability and most importantly security. Several algorithms and techniques were recently introduced aimed at addressing those issues. Unfortunately, those attempts met with one solid drawback from cryptocurrencies giant Bitcoin price volatility. This instability of the main markets pair resulted into the almost daily market volatility. This is expected specifically, when measurements are against an unstable metric. As a result, you will always end up with volatile unstable value which is here considered as price of currency. The main reason for this instability and extreme volatility is absence of structured backing system which is supposed to be in a form of assets. Assets backing for any currency is an important element in order to allow stable value, and preservation of capital.

Cash Telex solution

The design of Cash Telex as first ever asset backed block-chain opened a new dimension to solve issues related to unscalable, unstable cryptocurrencie trade and applications. Most of the presented solutions are structured to solve complex problems by, either presenting across chain solutions, or by designing a new cryptocurrency on the top of the exiting block-chain with an aim of improvingits functionality. Others went back to redesign algorithms used to produce their coins and keeping the structure which is the cause of the latency, unscalability, volatility and instability untouched. To solve the issues related to network latency, scalibilty, volatility and instability, he solution must address several design issues related to the entire block-chain, in addition to methods of trading, and a new mechanism is required to gurantee the stable and unbreakable link btween the real value and the traded digits on the network.

Dynamic diversified assets

Cash Telex Dynamic Diversified Fund Solution is to back the CTLX token, and will be directly pegged to real assets. The direct representation of real Assets is required to maximize and guarantee continous achievements of targeted growth. It will also guarantee the capital preservation in addition to providing a well-structured solution which solves problems associated extreme periods of volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Dynamic solution of structured assets to back each CTLX will effectively work to continually adapt to the changing market prices and reduce volatility. This is accomplished by following formula.

Profit sharing and dividends platform

Profits are shared with investors at the pre-agreed rate which is assumed to be at 80% to be distributed to the investors and contributors at the end of every valuation of assets in Cash Telex ecosystem. The distribution will be in a form of dividends.

Decentralized exchange

The current concept of Cash Telex decentralized exchange, provides an infrastructure that allows different traders to exchange two different coins or tokens directly. Achieving this in the current implementations of decentralized exchanges associated with several drawbacks resulted from the technologies and the inherited latency from the block-chain execution. This is currently known as the scaling problem. Other implementations tuned hyprid mix of centralized and decentralized implementation to resolve these issues. The traders slowly learning that depositing funds directly to centralized exchange wallet is a great risk, for this reason, and others, future of trading on the block-chain is definately with the decentralized solutions.

Digital market cap

Cash Telex porting platforms suffers from several issues such as misleading reports and other technical problems such as unrealibility due to unsuitable underlying structure. Cryptocurrency market capitalization and coins such Bitcoin came to existance before designing, or having suitable infrastructure to accommodate, or report their performance in fair transparent methodology. Platforms such as coinmarketcap are currently facing several challenges because, its intial structure and design did not put into consideration the future challenges which are currently faced at the time of its development. In addition to that, its current implementation involves human approval for listing and delisting of cryptocurrencies coins and tokens.

Cash Telex services

The financial services provided by Cash Telex are running smoothly, the underlying structure of implemented protocol. The following are the various services provided by Cash Telex ecosystem based on the structure provided above in relation.

  • Transfers & Remittances.
  • Loans.
  • Debit Card.




Aboamama Atahar, Founder and CEO

Junaid Chaudhry, COO

Kalema Kiweewa, CTO

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