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About Chain of Legends

Chain of Legends” is a true Play-to-Earn game with strong Tokenomics that ensures players and investors earn reasonable profit while they have fun playing Chain of Legends. The Game has various parts: Mining, Adventures, PvP Battles, Guild Wars, etc. These parts have various difficulties, profits, and risks at the same time. Mining is the safest part, while PvP battles and guild wars need more strategies and teamwork to achieve victory and earn a valuable prize.

Token Basic Information

Token NameChain of Legends
Token SymbolCLEG
Ico Price$0.008000
Token For Sale3,510,000 CLEG
Soft Cap$24,400
Fundraising Goal$28,800
Persona Cap0.1BNB-10BNB
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Make Every Step Count Towards

Get 100% Bonus!

Exclusive bonus for PinkSale launchpad participants. You will get up to 100% of your participations as bonus in form of Lands. you can earn $CLEG tokens from these lands.

Play To Earn NFT Game

High monthly income, Deflationary system like $BITCOIN, mechanisms to control the price movements, Along with Mining cycles to controll “supply and demand” of the market.

Play For Fun

Various buildings, and heroes with valuable upgrades, NFT weapons, dungeons (PVE), treasure islands(PVP), epic battle system and many more amusing features.

Price Stability

Chain of Legends Ico are using many mechanisms to control the price and reduce pumps, dumps and continuous price decline that has happened to some blockchain games.

Aggressive Token Burn

70% of all the tokens that players spend in the game will burn and the remaining 30% will move back to the reward pool. The last token will be mined in the 2034 year or later. After that, we use the reserved token pool to continue the game’s economy.

Mining Limits

Compound Interest is the biggest issue in blockchain games. In the beginning, players with little investment, reinvest their income into the game which is good for the game’s economy. After a while, they will reach an enormous income that grows faster than the community. And when they start cashing out, it will cause the token price to decrease continuously.

Free Mining

Each player has a free CLEG Token Mine with level 1 also there is a free NFT land in the marketplace called “Desert” that players can start mining without investing. When a player mines up Desert land tokens, he/she can get another free Desert land from the Marketplace, again and again.

Referral Program

By referring your friends to the game. With Chain of Legends unique referral program, you can earn lots of money. You can get your referral link in the

“My Referral” section and share it with your friends. there is a page where you can monitor your referral stats. You can also get multiple referral links and have separated referral stats on each link.

Road Map

2022 Q1

  • Developing the website
  • Developing Smart Contract
  • Concept, Model, and animate 3d models of troops, and building
  • 80,000 Social Communities’ members.
  • NFT Sales

2022 Q2

  • ​Marketplace​
  • Game Beta version
  • IDO
  • Game version 1 with basic mining and play to earn feature (Lands and mines)

2022 Q3

  • New Exchange Listing
  • More objectives in the game and PVE model (Buildings, Troops, Dungeons)
  • PVP Mode. Treasure Island, Battle system​

2022 Q4

  • ​Guilds system​
  • Centralized Exchange Listing

2023 Q1

  • Chat system: Chat with friends, Guild Members, and in the world channel (all game players)
  • Items: Players can find items in dungeons and treasure islands and use them on troops or trade them in the marketplace.

2023 Q2

  • World Map: Players can see dungeons and treasure islands on the map, and can scout them to get information about enemy troops.

2023 Q3-Q4

  • Arena Battle: online battles 1v1, 2v2, 3v3. Arena battles are NOT automated. players should control their troops in a turn-based battle beside his/her friends on the battleground.

2024 and future

They will keep updating the game and adding new features based on players’ feedback and finding pros and cons of the game.

The Leadership team

Ali Gonabadi- Co-Founder & CEO

Mahdi Abdi- Co-Founder & COO

Mahdi Saghafi- CMO

Hamidreza Noori – Content Manager

Vahide Hoseyni – Public Relation


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