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CHEX ICO Review : CHEX is ready built modular marketplace software


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About CHEX 

CHEX is ready built modular marketplace software to power supply chain distribution as well as hard, soft and digital asset exchange platforms, starting in the B2B Cannabis industry.

Basic Information

Token NameCHEX
Token SymbolCHX
Social MediaCHEX ICO Review : CHEX is ready built modular marketplace softwareCHEX ICO Review : CHEX is ready built modular marketplace software
AcceptingETH, BTC
Token for sale1,000,000,000 CHX
CountryUnited States of America
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The CHEX is modular marketplace software to power supply chain distribution as well as hard, soft and digital asset exchange platforms. Our robust and already developed business process modules and comprehensive feature sets can be wired and further customized for the needs of an industry. The first B2B rollout of the CHEX technology is the beta launched and fully compliant Cannabis Hemp Exchange (CHEX) platform.


The CHEX Token (CHX) provides a fiat alternative currency for transactions on industry exchange platforms. Token adoption enrolls users into a gamified CHX Rewards Program which subsidizes transactions by rewarding participants for market activity that boosts the CHEX ecosystem.



The superstructure that CHEX in­tends to create is a unification of isolated industry sectors on a common, blockchain-secured platform. The CHEX ecosystem will power various industry “Pillars”, which will be customized according to their unique needs and regulations in collaboration with Industry Ambassadors. The CHEX Token Layer will serve to bind all independent industry exchanges onto the same governing blockchain.


A simple extrapolation suggests that the inaccessibility of traditional investments for start-ups and small and medium-sized businesses, inscribed only in the economy of their region, especially the underfunded “economic periphery areas”, CHEX make ICO ultimately an important if not the main way to raise funds for them, that Already led to the appearance thousands (in the future, perhaps millions) of tokens of enterprises and private specialists.


CHEX development of tokenomics will require accounting of all transactions not only in the form of a general ledger, as in purses, but also in the sections of analytical accounting, generation of tax reporting, multidimensional OLAP analysis. At the same time, the very possibilities of blockchain technology – distributed accounting, the unchangeability of data in the blockchain, the rapid release of tokens, the possibility of direct settlements in them-create new business opportunities that are transparent to partners, investors and customers.Issue and exchange of tokens allow to solve questions of financing of projects. 


Transition to a distributed ERP system in to a blockchain system will make complex business indicators available to all participants in the market chain, while each will have its own level of access necessary to implement multilateral liability for transactions. For crowdinvestors, participating in the purchase of tokens of those startups, which dense mass recently go to the ICO, the presence of such a control mechanism in the code of the token, will indicate the readiness of the “digital” borrower to the necessary external control.


CHEX realities of the digital economy will hit the business of audit advisers hard, making it also change, most likely in the very near future. Perhaps, auditors of the 21st century will become serious competitors of banks in the struggle for the right to provide escrow services in the ICO market. The banks themselves will have to change or die. The latter is obvious if one takes into account that bank lending in the digital economy is replaced by consumer lending in the form of pre-order payment, especially when the buyer sees where and what, according to the terms of the smart contract, its funds go.



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