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Chimpion ICO Review : Chimpion is an all in one ecommerce, point of sale


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About Chimpion 

Chimpion is an all in one ecommerce, point of sale, digital wallet with crypto to fiat settlement system. Chimpion’s is launching e-commerce storefronts that allow merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments, choosing their favorite altcoin as the base currency denomination and allowing the merchant to settle crypto into fiat through a stablecoin.

Basic Information

Token NameChimpion
Token SymbolBNANA
Social MediaChimpion ICO Review : Chimpion is an all in one ecommerce, point of saleChimpion ICO Review : Chimpion is an all in one ecommerce, point of saleChimpion ICO Review : Chimpion is an all in one ecommerce, point of sale
Hard cap10,000,000 USD
Token Price0.0065 USD
Soft cap100,000 USD
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage


Chimpion is derived from the word “champion”, to signify both the coin’s superiority over incumbent cryptocurrencies and the organization’s core mission of championing the adoption of crypto for e-commerce. The word “champion” has a similar pronunciation in many widely-spoken languages, making Chimpion a highly relevant name to numerous cultures. Monkeys have historically played an important role in both Chinese and Indian culture. The chimpanzee was chosen as a mascot to represent Chimpion because of the species’ association with exploration, being one of the first animals to travel into space.


By holding a predetermined amount of Banana Token (BNANA) in a supported wallet, merchants gain access to Chimpion’s robust crypto e-commerce platform for free, without a monthly subscription fee. Developed by Shopping Cart Elite, Chimpion’s crypto e-commerce platform combines the features of popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce with the convenience of payment processors like Stripe. Cryptocurrency storebuilder does not require any additional plugins and will be further enhanced with future dApps.


Empowering merchants

Chimpion’s primary goal is to grow the adoption of cryptocurrency as a payment solution by creating a rich e-commerce platform centered on digital assets. Chimpion look to not just onboard merchants, but also to create partnerships with the core teams of established crypto projects. Through Chimpion, new startups and established merchants alike can utilize Chimpion vast network and propose their business concepts various cryptocurrency projects. If core teams do not take notice, Executive Diamond Node holders can vote to select that project to receive funding.


Cryptocurrency use has surged in emerging markets like Venezuela and Nigeria, where fiat currency can be volatile and many people do not have access to traditional bank accounts. Due to high transaction fees, lack of security, and complicated processes, it can be difficult for merchants in these nations to sell online, which limits their revenue opportunities. With Chimpion, merchants anywhere in the world can set up an crypto e-commerce store with ease and start selling with very little initial investment required.


Sometimes merchants are apprehensive when there is something strange about a purchaser. For example, if an order is placed under the name “Elvis Presley”, the merchant may be concerned that the payment will bounce as a chargeback after the item is shipped. It can be particularly difficult for this Elvis Presley to convince merchants he is a legitimate person who shares a name with a well-known celebrity. With Chimpion, cryptocurrency payments are processed immediately, allowing the merchant to mail the product to Mr. Presley without worrying about a chargeback.


MoonCatcher is a quantitative cryptocurrency trading platform, currently in private beta. It will be accessible directly through an integration in the Chimpion Wallet, where anyone staking Chimpion can trade cryptocurrency using expert trading strategies. Through rigorous testing, MoonCatcher has proven to make profitable trades over a long period of time, even in bear markets. Before offering a trading strategy to the public, Mooncatcher backtests each strategy against months of historical data. This data is based on trading and order book data from the top 50 cryptocurrencies since January 2018, an unparalleled level of depth.

Market opportunities

Since the early days of e-commerce, when Amazon and eBay were in the early stages of their meteoric rise, e-commerce become a massive industry. In 2018, retail e commerce sales alone totaled $2.3 trillion. On top of that, B2B e-commerce was responsible for $7.7 trillion in sales. Currently, e-commerce stores account for 32.7% of the top one million sites by traffic, indicating that the e-commerce movement is in full swing. The number of Shopify stores has skyrocketed to more than 700,000 unique stores.



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