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About Chuck 

Chuck is a community-centric project with a focus on spotlighting the BASE ecosystem supporting dog charities. This initiative marks CHUCK as the first meme coin with a direct focus on benefiting our furry friends, aligning with the wider meme culture prevalent in the crypto industry.

This is a project that embodies the spirit of dog-themed meme coins within the crypto space. It pays homage to the enduring relationship between iconic figures and their canine companions, represented through The , a symbol of resilience and strength. As a nod to pop culture heroes and their beloved dogs, They stands as a tribute to the unique bond shared between them, encapsulating the essence of companionship and loyalty.

Chuck Point Table

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameChuck 
Short NameCHUCK
Token address0x7A8A5012022BCCBf3EA4b03cD2bb5583d915fb1A
circulating supply 1B CHUCK
Total Supply 1B CHUCK
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Chuck Price Live Data

The live Chuck price today is $0.003028 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $39,762.33 USD. They update to USD price in real-time. This is down 13.39% in the last 24 hours. The current ranking is #4435, with a live market cap of not available. The circulating supply is not available and a max. supply of 1,00,00,00,000 CHUCK coins.

The Vision

This is a community-centric project with a focus on spotlighting the BASE ecosystem. Meme coins serve as an accessible entry point for the general public into the realm of cryptocurrency. BASE, being an innovative layer two scaling solution for Ethereum, remains relatively unknown outside the crypto community.

The mission is to amplify interest and engagement within the BASE environment, foster increased activity on decentralized exchanges (DEXes), boost the total value locked (TVL) on the BASE platform, and support the overarching goals set forth by Brian Armstrong and the Coinbase team.

Moreover, This is dedicated to cultivating a themed ecosystem and community, offering members a platform to connect, share, and create inspired NFTs, merchandise, and games that echo the adventurous spirit of 1980’s action movies and retro gaming aesthetics.

How To Buy

1. Have some Base Eth in your wallet

Purchase on an exchange or Dex.

2. Add Base network to metamask

Connect to your MM wallet and go to your Networks. Click Add Network, Base Mainnet should be in the list of popular networks so you don’t need to add it manually. Just press Add and Approve popup, now just switch to the Base network.

3. Bridge your Ethereum

Bridge your Ethereum to The Base network using:

4. Swap your ETH on Base for $CHUCK

Go on Uniswap and swap your Base Ethereum for $CHUCK !

The Utility

Designed with fun and community engagement at its core, $CHUCK serves as more than just a token; it’s a passport to an exclusive club. Owning $CHUCK tokens grants access to the $CHUCK Telegram group and Chuck-Bot, a specialized bot providing community members with crucial insights into the crypto market, including updates on trending coins and ETH gas fees. Token holders are also privy to community generated NFTs, games, and exclusive content.

Beyond its role as a dog-themed meme coin, This is committed to making a tangible impact on the welfare of dogs. Each $CHUCK transaction includes a 0.99% tax, a portion of which is allocated to supporting dog charities. This initiative positions they as the pioneering meme coin with a commitment to benefiting our furry friends, in harmony with the extensive meme culture found within the crypto industry.


Why Chuck?

Community-centric Approach

Born from a deep admiration for iconic internet humor, this token transcends its meme origins. It lies at the heart of a vibrant, fun-loving community with a noble mission: to bring attention to animal welfare.

Benefiting Furry Friends

Whether you are here to share a laugh, spread love for furry friends, or explore the world of Web3, you’re welcomed with open paws. Join us in fostering not just a community, but a movement committed to making a difference, one meme at a time.

Integration with Meme Culture

It has a community-centric approach and he is passionate about having a lively community that supports dog charities in the BASE ecosystem.

It helps furry friends

They stands out as one of the first meme coins with a direct purpose of helping needy dogs, showing responsibility for society and care for animals.

Integration into Meme Culture

By associating itself with a larger meme culture prevalent in the crypto industry, Chuck taps into an enthusiastic and engaged community that uses humor and relatability to support its mission.

Tribute to Iconic Figures

This is an homage to iconic figures and their canine companions, which celebrates lasting loyalties and friendships between humans and dogs across generations.

Symbolizing Toughness And Endurance

In embodying the , They represents qualities of resilience and strength by drawing inspiration from both men’s indomitable spirits as well as canines’ unyielding nature in overcoming obstacles.

Pop Culture Heroes Tribute

The initiative is tribute to popular heroes of pop culture together with their beloved dogs; it also commemorates the special bond they share while immortalizing them within crypto space.

Loyalty And Companionship At Its Core

This coin epitomizes loyalty and companionship like no other, mirroring the unconditional affectionate devotion that dogs impart into their owner’s lives.



This is, essentially, a pioneer in the meme coin space as it highlights the BASE ecosystem and points it towards charity for dogs. In doing this, They motivated a new phase of purpose-driven projects and therefore he was an avant-garde figure in the realm of meme coins.

This is a tribute to loyalty, partnership and resilience between man and dog that Chuck’s name pays homage to. Furthering bond with humans who love furry friends while it could belong to meme culture at large, They not only aims at making tangible gains in crypto but also eulogizes immortalized celebrities plus their pets.

As They grows further into maturity; we see community driven initiatives like this get rewarded. This underlines the power of compassion and selflessness that lives on even after one is gone. Combined efforts can make changes – per meme coin at a time!


What is Chuck?

This is a community-centric project within the crypto space, focusing on spotlighting the BASE ecosystem and supporting dog charities. It is the first meme coin with a direct mission to benefit furry friends, aligning itself with the broader meme culture prevalent in the crypto industry.

How does Chuck benefit dog charities?

They directs its efforts towards supporting dog charities within the BASE ecosystem. A portion of the project’s proceeds is dedicated to these charities, aiming to make a positive impact on the lives of dogs in need.

Why is Chuck considered a tribute to dog-themed meme coins?

The embodies the spirit of dog-themed meme coins by celebrating the enduring bond between humans and their canine companions. It pays homage to iconic figures and their beloved dogs, representing resilience, strength, and the essence of companionship and loyalty.

What is the significance of the in Chuck’s representation?

The symbolizes resilience and strength, reflecting the enduring spirit shared between humans and dogs. It serves as a tribute to pop culture heroes and their dogs, immortalizing their unique bond within the crypto space.

How can I get involved with Chuck’s community?

You can join the community by engaging with its social media channels, participating in discussions, and contributing to its mission of supporting dog charities within the BASE ecosystem. Your involvement helps drive the project’s impact and furthers its dedication to canine welfare.

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