Cibus Ico Review : Food ecosystem empowering consumers

About Cibus

CIBUS is bringing Trust back into Food and Dietary Supplements segments with a new decentralized, blockchain based platform. CIBUS will help its users to track and transact food and dietary supplement products to ensure highest quality, trust, transparency, reliability, efficiency, security and full traceability, at lower cost. CIBUS will create end to end B2C & B2B ecosystem that will transform how we handle and consume food in future. The content of this White Paper is not for putting CIBUS and its affiliates in any compulsion and CIBUS reserves the sole right to alter, adjust, add, or take out part of this White Paper for any cause at any time prior to, during and later than the sale of CIBUS tokens by redeployment of the amended White Paper on the relevant website.

Basic Information

Token NameCIBUS
Token SymbolCBT
Social MediaCibus Ico Review : Food ecosystem empowering consumersCibus Ico Review : Food ecosystem empowering consumersCibus Ico Review : Food ecosystem empowering consumers
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ResectionChina, Singapore, United States of America
CountryNew Zealand
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Consumers these days lack trust with quality and labelling information

Trust on food and dietary supplements is the most demanding aspect of customers that has increased in recent years. Quality and labelling information of food and dietarysupplements currently available, is just not enough to improve the customer’s trust. So it has become customary and necessary to comply with the mandatory declaration imposed by safety regulators and providing customer proper information about a food’s life cycle in order to achieve the complete food safety and thereby the consumer’s trust. But unfortunately the manufacturers and sellers are unwilling to go the extra miles and cagey about declaring all origin, quality and supply chain data with their consumers.

Limited supply origin visibility

In the present era of continuous growth in food business Food producers and supply chain partners today face myriad of challenges right from global competition, growth of online shopping, to margin pressure and many more. Some of the vital needs to facilitate smooth trade across food and supplements supply chain .

Features  for Cibus


Traceability is the ability to track any food and dietary supplement through all stages of production, processing and distribution. Traceability also mean that movements can be traced backwards and forward steps at any point in the supply, which is rightly described as farm to fork traceability function.

CIBUS Social

CIBUS social is an interactive social platform connecting with Food sellers, other users, will allow multi-media uploads, and will soon become a global forum for people with special dietary requirements, user reviews, recipe sharing, user reviews etc. It is a food focused community which will be incentivized (with CIBUS tokens) to create a PULL MODEL to
encourage Food producers or sellers to share all its product traceability related information on blockchain. It will be mutually beneficial for both the ends – consumers will get to know more about their food products and food businesses owners will get the consumer’s feedback directly. Visualize a Facebook for food.

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CIBUS Retail

It is a virtual Business to Consumer (B2C) marketplace based on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency as transaction medium. Consumers will get to buy food products and provide their feedback based on their experience, just like Amazon etc. Buyers can compare food products and dietary supplements based on their traceability data sitting on blockchain coming via CIBUS Trace module. Consumers as well as business operators
will have to transact using CIBUS token, which will drive the popularity of CIBUS token over time.


Global supply chains are extremely effective these days but in many ways they are adulterated with non- transparency, fraudulent activities, outdated stocks, etc. Moreover, reliance on outdated technology or manual procedure creates unwanted gap between manufacturers and traders with consumers in several ways. Blockchain technology, which has the potential to be used as secured way to record and transmit data in safe and decentralized networks has now been counted as a promising way to improve these chains.


Arindam Biswas CEO

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