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About Cibus

This white paper explores Food industries challenges, a technology standard change offering transformative
perspective, and the business and technical aspects of the solution. Cibus is developing for capitalizing on this
potential. In the present era of continuous growth in food business Food producers and supply chain partners, today face myriad of challenges right from global competition, a growth of online shopping, to margin pressure and many more. Trust on food and dietary supplements is the most demanding aspect of customers that has increased in recent years. Quality and labeling information of food and dietary supplements currently available is just not enough to improve the customer’s trust. So it has become customary and necessary to comply with the mandatory declaration imposed by safety regulators and providing customer proper information about a food’s lifecycle in order to achieve the complete food safety and thereby the consumer’s trust. But unfortunately, the manufacturers and sellers are unwilling to go the extra miles and cagey about declaring all origin, quality and supply chain data with their consumers.

On the other hand, in the modern retail format i.e. super/hypermarkets – there is no opportunity for the producers and consumers to interact and understand each other. There is no easy feedback loop for the producers to understand their consumer needs and there is no way Consumers can easily reach the producers and voice their opinion and preferences. Company at Cibus realized that small-scale producers all over the world need a place for further development and product launch to the international market which hitherto seems out of binding for them. Today scaling opportunity for small level traders and manufacturers are chained by various bottlenecks and that is where Cibus solution gives them a chance to unshackle their true potential. CIBUS hence offers a plethora of services on its platform facilitated by CIBUS token and supported by CIBUS community spread worldwide so that above bottlenecks can easily be unshackled and true business potential can be realized by its users. The CIBUS network is a blockchain-based ecosystem on food and health supplements ensure the origin, quality, and fulfillment to transparency.

The genesis of Cibus platform is to bring food and dietary supplements manufacturers, producers, sellers or traders under one functional, interactive, and mutually profitable platform based on blockchain technology and enabling a transparency via trustworthy data sitting on distributed ledger which can be freely accessed by all interested parties; Thus both the business owners and consumers can enjoy best possible transparency, authenticity, and reliability of the food products they are interested in.CIBUS Token enables trust less transaction within the platform between all participants. It is the underlying currency for all transactions, mode of payment for transaction fees, escrow services, and advertising and will provide commercial analytics and transactional intelligence. All transacting parties will be required to buy and pay using CIBUS tokens.

Token Basic Information

Name Cibus
Social Mediafacebook icon - E-Coinomic Review Token Detail- Financial service platform based on crypto assetstwitter icon - E-Coinomic Review Token Detail- Financial service platform based on crypto assetstelegram icon - E-Coinomic Review Token Detail- Financial service platform based on crypto assetslinkedin icon - E-Coinomic Review Token Detail- Financial service platform based on crypto assetsyoutube icon - E-Coinomic Review Token Detail- Financial service platform based on crypto assets
Country New Zealand
Cash is accepted———–
Platform Ethereum
Token price ————-
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Business model


Traceability is the ability to track any food and dietary supplement through all stages of production, processing, and distribution. Traceability also mean that movements can be traced backward and forward steps at any point in the supply, which is rightly described as farm to fork traceability function. Good traceability systems will help to minimize the production and distribution of unsafe or poor quality products, thereby minimizing the potential for bad publicity, liability, and costly product recalls. The current food labeling system cannot assure the authenticity, safety, and quality of food: Cibus trace facility will put 100% emphasis of offering instant authentication on food safety, reliability, and best quality.

CIBUS Social

Cibus social is an interactive social platform connecting with Food sellers, other users will allow multi-media
uploads, and will soon become a global forum for people with special dietary requirements, user reviews, recipe
sharing, user reviews etc. It is a food-focused community which will be incentivized (with CIBUS tokens) to create a PULL MODEL to encourage Food producers or sellers to share all its product traceability related information on the blockchain. It will be mutually beneficial for both the ends – consumers will get to know more about their food products and food businesses owners will get the consumer’s feedback directly. Visualize a Facebook for food.

CIBUS Retail

It is a virtual Business to Consumer (B2C) marketplace based on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency as
a transaction medium. Consumers will get to buy food products and provide their feedback based on their
experience, just like Amazon etc. Buyers can compare food products and dietary supplements based on their
traceability data sitting on blockchain coming via CIBUS Trace module. Consumers, as well as business operators, will have to transact using Cibus token, which will drive the popularity of CIBUS token over time.

CIBUS will work as a multi-functional platform:

● Facilitates accessing traceability information by end consumer using CIBUS-Trace functionality: adding                  complete transparency spanning farm to fork – complete value chain
● Creates interactive global social media platform for food consumers, food manufacturers, trader, food
bloggers, food customer’s and all other food enthusiasts to enable their scope of interaction with other food
manufacturers, traders, experts as well as with a globally expanded health and quality conscious likeminded
● Provides an e-commerce platform that empowers both B2C and B2B trade modality in food and dietary
supplements related merchandise using CIBUS-Retail and CIBUS-Trade sub-platforms, respectively
● Facilitates direct targeted advertising by Manufacturers/producers/traders by providing a tailored user
preference and relevant profile demographic data, which will be the basis of CIBUS-AD
Cibus token will be the currency of trade across all the platforms; the aim is to facilitate open and fair trade
to reduce uncertainties in supply-chain reliability for the end consumer by developing a holistic, sustainable
food-centric platform.

Token Distribution

 5%Bounty Program
Token Sale Contributors

Global supply chains are extremely effective these days but in many ways, they are adulterated with non-
transparency, fraudulent activities, outdated stocks, etc. Moreover, reliance on outdated technology or manual procedure creates an unwanted gap between manufacturers and traders with consumers in several ways. Blockchain technology, which has the potential to be used as the secured way to record and transmit data in a safe and decentralized network, has now been counted as a promising way to improve these chains. One point that sets Cibus apart from other almost similar projects is that CIBUS is going to launch hardware as well: best quality advanced and intuitive sensors that can continually monitor and steadily send data to the blockchain as an item transit from manufacturer to its end user.

Cibus is on the verge of creating a potential market. Most important factor in this system workflow is complete transparency and conviction. The main focus will be to develop an ecosystem that address market issues, can bring down costs, and can boost efficiencies. All these components will help CIBUS to it be the most favourite for all stakeholders integrated in the supply chain – from the producers to traders to consumers.


The mission at CIBUS is project is:
  • To line up and transparent the global food supply chain and related market so that the interest and trust of consumers and farmers can be maintained at its best. At Cibus company aim is to reward the farmers who put their labor in producing food and of course the consumers who have all the right to have quality food on their table.
  • Thus eventually, all stakeholders can yield profit from the elevated whole value proposition for verifiably quality food. Moreover, retailers sourcing quality food products can trace and display the origins and superiority of their food, which consumer can check on their own. Governments will get to guarantee conformity by the food industry to standard and values by checking records and methods documented on the blockchain.
  • Apart from that Smart contracts can establish commercial relationships between different parties as well as can control/reduce risks and trading disputes, permitting suppliers and buyers to enter MOU without suffering from stress about the status or solvency of their counterparty.

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