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Cindicator ICO Review : Hybrid Intelligence For Effective Asset Management


About Cindicator 

Cindicator is the combination of human intelligence and machine intelligence, and their interaction in resolving various tasks. One sort of intelligence supplements and strengthens the other.

Basic Information

Token Name Cindicator
Token Symbol CND
Social Media Cindicator ICO Review : Hybrid Intelligence For Effective Asset ManagementCindicator ICO Review : Hybrid Intelligence For Effective Asset ManagementCindicator ICO Review : Hybrid Intelligence For Effective Asset Management
Accepting ETH
Platform Ethereum
Total raised 15,000,000 USD
Country Russia
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For investments and asset management

Undoubtedly, stock exchanges are still the leaders in researching and using Hybrid Intelligence in business – this is an area where traders have to make decisions on millions of dollars every second (and trading robots do so every millisecond). Financial markets themselves are the daily prediction of the future in its pure form. At what price and when is the best time to buy Facebook shares, Brent crude oil, the US dollar, or Bitcoin? All these questions are the subject of daily predictions of traders and analysts.

Collective intelligence

For results to have any relevance, they cannot be derived from extremely complicated questions addressed to different users (i.e., the expected Bitcoin price in USD in 376 days). However, the collected signal should present sufficient value. Aside from the complexity of the set task/issue, there is a need to create the most convenient infrastructure for each participant to make such forecasts. To do so, in December 2015 we launched a mobile platform where focused on the interface used by forecasters.

Effective economic

Blockchain, decentralization, and a fair system of economic motivation are ideologically and systematically integrated into the structure of the predictive product module. Their purpose is to create a system of long-term motivation that encourages forecasters to perform their intellectual work better, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the entire technology and its benefits to the community. To ensure more efficient and fair motivation for active participants of the ecosystem.


Monetisation of intellectual contribution

Forecasters forming the Cindicator collective intelligence are the key element to be created with in the ecosystem. The successful operation of this system as a whole requires the personal motivation of forecasters to be sustained, and a common goal to be formulated for the entire group. platform enables professional and non-professional analysts to monetize their intellectual work in analysing markets and generating predictions. call this product the Collective Intelligence Platform, in which forecasters can invest their mental asset.

Technological infrastructure

The final goal is to create a complete infrastructure for the new generation investment funds which will buy access to Cindicator technology. The funds will be able to access this technology by buying necessary amount of CND tokens. Funds that would purchase this technology will be regularly paying the performance fee from their potential profit, to the extent of which the dynamic motivational ETH/BTC pool will be replenished in order to increase the motivation of all active participants of the ecosystem.

Validation and streamlining

Models are optimised and back test-assisted due to the pipelines involved. Different models demonstrate their own specific behaviors for different investment instruments. Each model has its own settings. Tuning of parameters is done for each model with regards to each financial asset. Each model is constantly learning on the basis of new data. To assess the accuracy and quality of models, perform back-testing and use both standard scores and their intrinsic evaluation functions for each trading strategy.

Approach to development

Predictions’ accuracy of each forecaster varies depending on the type of question: some users provide great answers for questions related to macroeconomics and politics, while making mistakes in price-related questions; others, on the other hand, can accurately forecast price of a particular asset for next day/week/month, yet make mistakes in questions of other types. By researching behavior of each user created self-learning system for assessment.

Corporations and businesses

Google, Johnson & Johnson, and many other large corporations use ‘collective intelligence’ for new corporate management technologies. Corporations have already begun to integrate the technology of idea crowdsourcing and future forecasting into their strategic processes to crowdsource new ideas and generate forecasts for the future of the company and its competitors. Top management collects proposals and signals from various employees and
departments, such as points of view and ‘insights’ from sales managers.



Yuri Lobyntsev CTO & CO-FOUNDER
Artem Baranov COO & CO-FOUNDER

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