Circle hires former US Department of Homeland Security officials as legal officer

Internet finance company Circle announced the appointment of a former US Department of Homeland Security (DHS ) official as its chief legal officer.

According to Circle ‘s blog post, the company’s new chief legal officer is Gus Coldebella, a former Department of Homeland Security consultant. Coldebella will oversee all legal, compliance, regulatory and governance matters of the company.

He will also be responsible for helping Circle expand globally as the company begins working with international legislators and regulators, Circle founders Sean Neville and Jeremy Allaire write.

Coldebella not only has legal expertise but is also a recognized authority on cybersecurity policy. During the Department of Homeland Security, he co-led President Bush’s national cybersecurity integrated program. According to George – Washington University ( George Washingto University ) said that the aim of this work is to protect government networks from attack and to promote cooperation between the public and private sectors.

Prior to joining Circle, Coldebella was the head of the law firm Fish Richardson. The firm helps companies address issues such as cybersecurity planning and incident response, government and internal investigations.

Circle offers a variety of encryption services, including an investment application . In May, Circle won a 110 million– round fundraising event led by Bitcoin – a figure that brings startups worth close to billion. It is said that this part of the funds is used to hire new employees of the company.

At the time, Circle also revealed a plan to support its products and services by launching a “ dollar coin ” , a regulated blockchain asset supported by fiat currencies.

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