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Clinicoin ICO Review : Clinicoin is an open source wellness platform


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About Clinicoin 

Clinicoin is an open source wellness platform that rewards users with cryptocurrency for engaging in healthy activities. Leveraged by a blockchain-based ecosystem, the platform is designed to connect people, developers, and providers, worldwide, improving global health, wellness, and research. The Clinicoin community covers all corners of health, wellness, healthcare, and research. From individuals to organizations, the community benefits anyone who is looking to improve health and wellness, whether for themselves, their company, or humanity at large.

Basic Information

Token NameClinicoin
Token SymbolCLIN
Social MediaClinicoin ICO Review : Clinicoin is an open source wellness platformClinicoin ICO Review : Clinicoin is an open source wellness platformClinicoin ICO Review : Clinicoin is an open source wellness platform
Token for sale3,000,000,000 CLIN
CountryUnited States of America
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage


Regardless of what the mobile phone of the future looks like, messaging and applications will be there.Efficient and effective mobile communications, whether automated, algorithm-based, or through live interactions, will continue to be the cornerstone of engagement in
healthcare, wellness, and clinical research. For the past seven years, Mosio has helped healthcare organizations and research teams communicate more efficiently with their patients, patrons,and study participants using the most popular channel on mobile phones: Text Messaging.


Clinicoin also seen, first hand, that improving health engagement does not need to be time consuming or expensive. Finally, Clinicoin discovered that people can be empowered in their health, wellness, and have fun in the process. Clinicoin’s secure, open source mobile platform leverages mobile messaging, APIs, smart contracts, and a rewards-based ecosystem to incentivize and peopleproviders and developers for theirparticipation.


Healthcare industry

The success of using incentives and rewards to encourage healthy behaviors has been proven. Users will change their behaviors for rewards. Clinicoin brings several novel approaches to the proven model of incentives-based behavioral changes, then look next to industry challenges. Clinicoin know from experience solving problems in the healthcare and nresearch industries that low engagement between people and their providers not only increases the risk of hospitalizations and readmissions, it also creates expensive and unnecessary costs to the healthcare system.


Users want easy access to meaningful health information, support, and tools. Clinicoin offers access to all of those things in a single app, then takes it one step further. By employing PoE and the Rewards Engine, it gives them the opportunity to gamify and incentivize their behaviors, providing them with a way to make health and wellness fun. Users download the Clinicoin app, then communicate, interact, log healthy activities, or sign on as a Validator to earn CLIN tokens.

Secure messaging

The best mobile communications are private and secure. Text messaging puts healthcare providers and researchers in a difficult place: SMS is not secure or HIPAA compliant. Using SMS means curbing communications or paying for secure mobile apps, then convincing people to use them. More providers means more apps to download. The Clinicoin app acts like many popular mobile messaging apps, but with healthcare-grade privacy, data security, digital tools, and a rewards system.Rather than downloading a new app for each doctor, specialist, pharmacy, clinic, medical study, support group, therapist, or hospital,
users simply add them as a contact in the app’s address book. They connect to digital tools and third party software the same way.


The purpose of Clinicoin is to provide an open source infrastructure and allow organizations to control their own data. Practically speaking, this means each path will point to its own messaging queue, and the queue can be hosted by the owner of the path. Since all messages are end-to-end encrypted, a path’s data can be considered private and secure within the path’s queue and on the user’s app. Only users with access to the path can decrypt the messages.

Trusted paths

In order to prove ownership of a channel, users and organizations can sign a path’s identity and other users’ identities with their private keys. As identities are built within the system and a further number of verifications accrue, users will start to see a trust rating on identities that have collected numerous signatures. In this way, the community can verify legitimate users and identify possible bad actors.




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