Cloudflare Will Launch Decentralized Gateway In The First “Encryption Week”

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According to CoinDesk, Internet security provider Cloudflare is launching a new product to help users more easily access the Decentralized Storage Protocol (IPFS) developed by Protocol Labs.

In a blog post on Monday, Cloudflare announced that it will launch the ” Encryption Week”, which will announce “support for a new technology that uses encryption to improve the Internet” every day during the encryption week.

In the second article, Cloudflare announced that this week’s new technology is a more accessible portal to IPFS, which can be used to build websites. The point-to-point nature of IPFS provides a lot of redundancy for users trying to access a particular website or data. The first feature is that content can be accessed even if a node fails, and a single server failure can cause a website on the existing Internet to crash.

The second feature revolves around the fact that users can request data using hash values ​​instead of IP addresses, which can be used as a way to ensure data integrity.

To ensure that users can access data stored over IPFS, Cloudflare also provides a gateway that uses Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS) to transport content, the primary protocol for transmitting data.

The article explains:

“On the most basic level, you can access any of the billions of files stored on IPFS from your browser. But this is not the only cool thing you can do. Using Cloudflare’s gateway, you still You can build a website that is fully hosted on IPFS, but you can still access it through a custom domain name. In addition, we will post any website related to the free SSL certificate to our gateway to ensure that every website connected to the Cloudflare gateway is Will not be snooped and manipulated.”

While Cloudflare’s products allow access to decentralized protocols, the company notes that users can still report abuse or harmful content, indicating that it may be able to revoke any portal that provides content of the nature described above.

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