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Cnemawell Ico Review : Turning Entertaiment and Fun into Real Profit


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About Cnemawell

CinemaWell.com is a revolutionary social platform of online cinemas, which brings independent filmmakers together with unlimited audience from around the globe at one place at the same time! The platform serves as a perfect place for showing premiers! The future of cinema is now! CinemaWell.com introduces Internet Video Co-Viewing (IVCV), a new way of distributing video, which allows an unlimited number of online users to gather together and view the same video content in one virtual theater at the same time. The IVCV experience is far superior to traditional independent viewing experience offered by current platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. Due to IVCV, CinemaWell.com implements DATING feature.

Basic Information

Token NameCinemaWell
Token SymbolAPLC
Social MediaCnemawell Ico Review : Turning Entertaiment and Fun into Real ProfitCnemawell Ico Review : Turning Entertaiment and Fun into Real ProfitCnemawell Ico Review : Turning Entertaiment and Fun into Real Profit
Token for sale===
Soft cap===
Hard cap60,000,000 USD
ResectionNo restrictions
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WebsiteClick Here For View website


The current environment creates huge challenges for both the filmmaker and the film viewer. Currently, film viewers have no way to find most independently produced film content, and film producers have no way to find viewers for their work. Major studios control all viable distribution channels, including theaters, cable television, DVD, etc.

Available Platforms

Traditional physical movie theaters do not provide a scalable method for making the
exploding amount of video content available to viewing audiences. Online platforms
are already entering the market to fill this void. The most popular platforms for
sharing and discussing video content are YouTube and Vimeo. Each of these has a lot
to offer, but CinemaWell.com has more functionality.

Features for Cnemawell

CinemaWelcome Empowered by CryptoCurrency

Filmmakers and cinema owners receive ApplauseCash for commissions on ticket sales, virtual popcorn and cokes, and 3rd party advertising. Viewers receive ApplauseCash for inviting friends, watching and reviewing movies, and use ApplauseCash to buy tickets. All operations are fast, secure, and immediately synchronized.

Return on Investment 

ApplauseCash has a finite circulation of only 300 million. They are going to participate in many film festivals where we’ll introduce CinemaWelcome to many producers/filmmakers to purchase rights for various films to premiere on CinemaWelcome version 2 (planned for release at the end of 2018 April). Also, by paying users to watch movies, we’ll grow number of users, which will make value of ApplauseCash higher! This is one of the factors which drives the future value of ApplauseCash. They have other plans to increase value over time.

CinemaWelcome as a Win-Win Platform

CinemaWelcome is a win for filmmakers and a win for viewers by bringing many advantages over other platforms, such as YouTube and Vimeo. Filmmakers can premiere their works, sell tickets at the price they choose. They also gain access to viewer feedback and valuable analytics about their viewing audiences. Viewers gain access to a wider range of films and get paid for watching and reviewing them. Viewers may share their experience by inviting friends or meeting new friends who enjoy similar films. Even better, they can be paid using our unique cryptocurrency (ApplauseCash, APLC) for watching and reviewing films.



Jinyoung Kwak CEO
Yongjoon Hyoung CIO
Dennis Oh CFO

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